Layla Bamboo Sheets Review: An Industry Insider’s Take

Hand feeling gray and white bed sheets

Are the Layla bamboo sheets as fantastic as their website promises? It can be hard to tell from the reviews you'll find online, which are rarely written by people with much technical knowledge about the textile industry. That's a problem, since the softness, durability, and cooling power of bamboo bed sheets can vary a lot based on small details of the manufacturing process. Without an understanding of what makes truly high-quality sheets, lots of review blogs wind up simply parroting Layla's talking points.

Our Layla bamboo sheets review is different. We know exactly what it takes to make a luxury bamboo sheet set, because we’ve spent years doing exactly that.

The Hush Iced 2.0 sheets are the result of an extensive R&D process that took us around the globe to see the fabric manufacturing process up close and personal. We've tested literally hundreds of different materials, weaves, and finishes, and we know what great bamboo sheets look like. Let's see if Layla's sheets measure up.

Pro: Layla Bamboo Sheets Look Great

Folded gray sheet in a black box

The first thing you'll notice about Layla bamboo sheets is their style. Companies that sell bamboo bedding tend to lean toward earth tones, perhaps because their customers often have an eco-friendly sensibility (for good reason — more on that below).

Layla has opted for a more modern look, with a thick band of boldly contrasting color along the upper hem of the flat sheet. Combined with the slight sheen of the bamboo viscose fabric, it gives these sheets a sleek, distinctive flair.

Subtle details of the packaging reinforce the feeling that you're receiving a luxury product. The Layla sheets arrive in a sturdy charcoal-colored box. Its lid is discreetly hinged so that it opens clamshell-style, almost as though you're unboxing a piece of fancy jewelry. Instead, you find a neatly folded sheet set inside.

Layla’s visual style has one downside, though, which is that it lacks variety. The Layla bamboo sheet set is available in just two color options: white with gray trim and gray with white trim. If you want to be able to match your sheets to lots of different decor styles, you might need to find another set. Take a look at our list of the best bamboo sheets for some ideas.

Con: It's Easy To Stain Them

Person putting a linen on washing machine.

Unfortunately, some users have found that the Layla bamboo sheets pick up stains fairly easily. There's always a risk of staining your sheets if you eat or drink in bed, of course, but this set seems prone to discoloration just from the natural oils on a sleeper's hair or skin. This can spoil the stylish appearance of your Layla sheets.

It's important to be careful about how you wash bamboo sheets. High heat can weaken the fibers, so resist the temptation to attack your Layla bamboo sheets with hot water when they get stained! A better method is to soak them for 15-20 minutes before putting them in a washing machine, using a mix of one part white vinegar to four parts cold water.

Pro: These Sheets Feel Soft

Woman holding a sheet against her face

Softness is a major strength of bamboo viscose fabric, which has a silky feel thanks to its extra-long, extra-slender fibers. As a result, Layla bamboo sheets feel far softer than cotton sheets with a much higher thread count. Customers mentioned over and over again how gentle this bedding felt on their skin.

If there are any complaints about the feel, it's usually that these sheets are too smooth. Some reviewers found them unpleasantly slick, and even somewhat artificial. Others reported that the top sheet clung too tightly to their bodies and got tangled up easily.

Whether you like the feel or not will probably come down to your personal taste, but if you prefer a crisper texture, you probably won't love these very slick Layla sheets. If you're stumped for other options, check out our roundup of the best bed sheets of 2023.

Con: Layla Bamboo Sheets Aren't The Most Durable

Person sewing a fabric on a lighted sewing machine.

Even the softest bedding can get uncomfortable quickly if it pills up after being washed. How well do Layla bamboo sheets resist pilling? Reviews are surprisingly mixed. Some customers said their bedding stayed smooth for a long time. Others reported that their sheets pilled up within a couple of weeks even though they followed the care instructions to the letter.

To a textile industry pro, this suggests quality control issues. Normally, bamboo sheets don't pill easily due to the natural strength of the fibers, but errors in sourcing and manufacturing can make them much weaker.

For instance, bamboo loses a lot of its integrity when it's harvested in hot weather. That's why we make a point of never buying our raw material during the summer, which is one reason Hush sheets earned a perfect five out of five on tests of pilling resistance. Other companies aren't always so careful, resulting in sheets with inconsistent durability.

We can't say for sure how Layla sources and weaves their bamboo sheets. What we can say is that there are a worrying number of complaints about pilling. Quite a few customers also reported that their Layla bamboo sheets tore at the seams or developed holes after just a few wash cycles. We wouldn't necessarily count on them to last for years.

Pro: Bamboo Sheets Help Keep You Cool

Woman sleeping on top of white sheets

Layla sheets are a great choice for hot sleepers. That's because bamboo fibers are full of microscopic pores that enhance breathability, letting hot air out instead of trapping it against your body. Plus, they're moisture-wicking, pulling sweat away from your skin and releasing it into the air. This not only keeps you dry, but also boosts your body's natural cooling process.

The Layla bamboo sheets make good use of their fabric's cooling power. We featured them on our shortlist of the best sheets for night sweats after noticing how many buyers said their Layla sheets kept them cool all night. Despite their silky feel, these sheets are lightweight due to their modest thread count.

Still, we wouldn't quite call them the best cooling sheets on the market. Our Iced 2.0 bedding is slightly better in that department, thanks to a proprietary fabric finish that makes them feel cool to the touch no matter how long you snooze under them. However, if you're used to sweating under cotton sheets, the Layla bamboo sheet set will feel like a dream by comparison.

Con: They May Not Stay Put

Woman lying on mattress under tangled sheets

One somewhat annoying quality of the Layla bamboo sheets is their tendency to slip loose from the bed. It's fairly common for sleepers to wake up with their fitted sheet bunched up underneath them. The corners seemingly refuse to stay in place.

This could be partly due to the glossy texture, which is part of what makes bamboo sheets great but also makes them slide out of place more easily. We included heavy-duty elastic harnesses at the corners of our bamboo sheets to hold them tight against the bed, but the Layla bamboo sheet set lacks this feature.

Pocket depth — the height of the fitted sheet — may also be part of the problem. Recent years have seen a surge in the popularity of tall foam and hybrid mattresses. If you have one of these thicker mattresses, your fitted sheet needs deep pockets, or it may not fit securely around the corners.

The Layla bamboo sheet set has a pocket depth of 14 inches, which is good but not great. Bamboo sheets also tend to shrink slightly the first time you wash them, reducing the depth even further. If you have a thicker bed or you use a memory foam topper on your mattress, you may need a fitted sheet that's at least 16 inches deep.

Con: Layla Bamboo Isn't Organic

Row of bamboo stalks

If you first heard about bamboo sheets when searching for eco-friendly bedding products, you're not alone. One of the most well-known benefits of bamboo sheets is that they're made from an incredibly sustainable textile crop. Though it’s woody in its natural state, bamboo is technically a grass, and it grows even faster than the stuff on your lawn. It can do this without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, all while using very little water compared to cotton.

But that doesn't mean that everyone grows bamboo in an equally sustainable way. If you look closely at Layla's marketing, you'll notice they don't say their bamboo sheet set is made from organic bamboo. Companies that use organic products are usually happy to let you know, so no news is probably bad news in this case.

Also, though the plant itself is quite gentle on the earth, bamboo viscose fabric is often produced using some caustic chemicals. We don't like the idea of anything toxic lingering in our bed sheets. That's why we made sure Hush sheets are certified by the OEKO-TEX organization, which monitors consumer products for potentially harmful chemicals. The Layla bamboo sheet set doesn't have this certification.

Best Alternatives To The Layla Bamboo Sheet Set

Stack of white and gray sheets

Let's recap: Layla bamboo sheets are a good pick for those who struggle with night sweats and enjoy fabric with a smooth, satiny feel. They also just plain look good. But they may fall short when it comes to durability, variety, and fit.

If you're hesitant about Layla's sheets, here are a few other options to consider:

Nest Bedding Bamboo Sheets

These bamboo sheets are similar to the Layla sheets in look and feel, but they have a much more varied color palette and they're OEKO-TEX certified. They're also a little less expensive. You can read our full Nest vs. Layla sheets breakdown here.

Silk & Snow Flax Linen Bed Sheets

Hot sleepers who prefer crisp fabric to the buttery smoothness of bamboo may want to try linen sheets. We're big fans of these sheets from Silk & Snow, which are made from sustainable French and Belgian flax and get softer with every wash.

Hush Iced 2.0 Sheets

We might be a little biased, but we think these are the perfect sheets for anyone who values coolness, softness, and durability. We remove the tiny prickles and bumps in the fibers by pressing the sheets between graphite rollers, leaving them unbelievably smooth. And as discussed above, our durable sheets are highly resistant to pilling and tearing. To learn more, or to start your 100-night sleep trial, check out our website and discover the best bamboo sheets on the market.