Hush All Season Cooling Microgravity Duvet

Hush All Season Cooling Microgravity Duvet

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Hush All Season Cooling Microgravity Duvet

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Based on your feedback and inspired by NASA we have reinvented the "all-season" duvet. Created with spacesuit technology, the All Season Cooling Duvet features one side that is cooling and one side that is temperature regulating – cozy without overheating. And the bonus feature? It is lightweight.

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Prepare for an out-of-this-world sleep experience with our premium All Season Cooling Duvet. This dual-sided (non-weighted) blanket features a revolutionary one-side-cooling, one side warm design.

Sleep with the cool side on warmer nights and flip to the warm side on colder nights. This is an all-season duvet in its truest form.

The cooling side is inspired by the same Phase Change Material used in NASA spacesuits to keep astronauts from overheating in space. This advanced technology guarantees a cooling, comfortable sleep.

The warm side is made with a temperature regulating breathable cotton. The entire duvet is ultra-light and fluffy making it super cozy, whichever side you choose.

Product Material and Sizing

Featuring 250gsm of luxurious, animal-free, and hypoallergenic hollow core down-alternative fibre that draws heat away from the body for a comfortable night's sleep. 

The 100% cotton shell is breathable, responsibly sourced, and one side boasts our Hush Iced technology that actively regulates temperature by storing heat away from the body on warm nights. With this dual sided tech, your comfort is guaranteed all night long.


Twin - 64x86”

Full/Queen - 90x92”

King - 92x106”

Note: The duvet covers do NOT fasten to our weighted blankets and are different sizes!

Compare to Competitors

We built the All Season Cooling Duvet from the ground up using advanced technology and based on our customers’ feedback. 

Unlike other options that fail to offer cooling comfort and are difficult to wash, our duvet boasts a luxurious filling that keeps you both cool and cozy, while being easy to clean. 

Designed to work perfectly with both our Hush Iced Duvet Cover Set and Cotton Duvet Cover Set, we offer a complete sleep system so you don’t need to worry about sizing or fastening.

Easy Wash and Care

Un-snap the corner hooks from the cover

Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycles using mild detergent.

No bleach or fabric softeners.

Tumble-dry on low heat, and enhance with clean tennis or dryer balls to keep the filling lofty and light.

Shipping and Returns

Upgrade your sleep experience risk-free with our 100 night trial. We offer fast and FREE shipping and hassle-free returns with a no-questions-asked policy. Shop with confidence knowing that you’re covered.

Hush All Season Cooling Microgravity DuvetHush All Season Cooling Microgravity DuvetHush All Season Cooling Microgravity DuvetHush All Season Cooling Microgravity DuvetHush All Season Cooling Microgravity DuvetHush All Season Cooling Microgravity DuvetHush All Season Cooling Microgravity Duvet
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The absolute best sleep you will ever experience.

Regenerative Cooling

Our NASA-inspired duvet incorporates self-cooling technology from spacesuits to prevent sweating and ensure a comfortable sleep.

7-Star Hotel Quality

Indulge in the comfort of 7-star hotel bedding in the comfort of your home with our premium construction, quality comforter.

Designed for Health

Like every Hush product, the duvet is certified by OEKO-TEX 100 meaning it is never made with any harmful toxins or chemicals. The materials used in this duvet are vegan, hypoallergenic, and safe to breathe.



Dual Temperatures

The 3D hexagonal print is what keeps you cool all night. That PCM (Phase Change Material) is the same fabric used in NASA spacesuits to keep astronauts from overheating as they blast into space.

Weightless feeling

Our hypoallergenic duvet filling is made with a down alternative to provide that luxurious fill in a fully vegan way. It has a 250 GSM count to provide that ultra light, fluffy feel.

Effortless cleaning

Our matching covers come with a snap hook that securely fastens through fabric loops in each corner of this duvet. This makes attachment a breeze and also ensures that the duvet remains in place within the cover all night long

Complete the collection

Combine the duvet with our hassle-free, easy-to-attach Hush Duvet Cover Set. Choose between our proprietary Iced or Cotton fabrics.

100 Night Trial

We are proud of our 97% satisfaction rate. If you find yourself in the 3%, you get your money back.

Our Guarantee

Free Shipping Over $75

Free Returns

100 Night Money Back Guarantee

1 Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

The All Season Cooling Duvet is just a duvet insert. The covers are sold separately and were made to work perfectly with a snap system. Add the Iced Duvet Cover Set and the Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover Set to your order to complete your bed!

The all-new design of the All Season Cooling Duvet and generous oversize means that our weighted blanket covers are not compatible with this blanket. We offer separate compatible covers with sham sets in Iced and Cotton.

The All Season Cooling Duvet is a duvet insert that is our first non-weighted blanket!

If you've tried a weighted blanket and it's not for you, this duvet will be perfect for you.

Great question! The answer is yes, if you use the cooling side (indicated by the blue border). 

That side has a 3D print of a Phase Change Material, which is a thin, safe substance that transitions constantly from a solid to a liquid when you touch it. 

It absorbs and releases heat from your body, giving a constant, measurable cooling effect while keeping your temperature regulated.

Used together with our Iced Duvet Cover Set and Iced Sheets will provide you with an even cooler experience.

The All Season Cooling Duvet is anything but regular. It was built for all-season support. So if you don’t want to be too cool in the winter, flip it to the “regular” cotton side and enjoy.

Simply un-snap the straps from the corners and throw in the wash on gentle with cold water. Tumble dry on low and use a tennis ball or dryer ball to keep it fluffy.

If you don’t love your All Season Cooling Microgravity Duvet within 60 nights, simply email us to get your refund started. Please see our Return Policy for more details.

Our warranty will cover and manufacturing defects in the blanket that is not from regular wear and tear. This includes excessive stitching coming out, blanket arriving with no fill inside, and other mishaps from manufacturing which generally don’t occur.

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