The 12 Best Bed Sheets in 2023

Folded Hush Iced 2.0 Bamboo Cooling Sheets and Pillowcase Set in Charcoal color

It’s incredible how much difference the right set of sheets can make to your sleep quality and comfort. Finding the best bed sheets isn’t always easy, though. Many reviews give you only a bare-bones look at what goes into a set of bedding. But it’s not enough to know that something is made of cotton or linen - two sheets made from the same type of fiber can be wildly different in terms of softness or durability.

This article goes deeper. Before creating our own sheets, we visited dozens of factories and fabric mills and tore apart hundreds of shoddy sheets from online retailers. Trust us when we say: we know what separates mediocre bed sheets from great ones.

We’ll talk you through the details that industry insiders look at when buying sheets for themselves. And we’ll tell you which ones we like best.

Best Overall - Hush Iced 2.0 Sheets

Bed with Hush Iced cooling sheets and pillowcase set in navy color

We decided to make our own sheets because our customers were frustrated with the other options out there. Too many bedding makers use gimmicks like inflated thread count to pass off cheap materials as luxury-grade. So we started touring factory floors and talking to fabric suppliers to figure out what makes bed sheets feel great and stay cool. After more than a year of exhaustive R&D, we created the Hush Iced 2.0. We think these are the best bed sheets.

They’re made of bamboo viscose, a naturally breathable and long-lasting fabric. It’s extremely high-quality - we’re a little obsessive about sourcing our materials. Not only do we make sure our bamboo is 100% organic, but we’ll only buy bamboo at certain times of year to make sure we get the strongest fibers possible. That makes our sheets highly durable.

It also gives them the highest possible grade of pilling resistance. Too many bed sheets get covered with tiny, irritating clods of fabric. Not the Hush Iced sheets. We press them between graphite rollers to make every thread ultra-smooth, getting rid of the tiny hairs that normally stick out of natural fibers. This makes the surface less likely to irritate your skin or create snags and pilling. Our sheets feel as soft as 1500 thread count cotton even though they’re much more lightweight.

Our bamboo viscose fabric also wicks moisture away and provides superb airflow, helping with your body’s natural temperature regulation. That means even hot sleepers won’t wake up sweaty. On top of that, the proprietary Iced finish keeps our sheets cool to the touch all night long. That’s important, because beating the heat at night helps you get more restful sleep.

Right hand touching a white Hush Iced Cooling bed sheet

If you have sensitive skin, worry not - our sheets are free of harsh chemicals and naturally hypoallergenic. They also feel silky and soft right out of the box. There’s no need to run them through the wash three or four times to “break them in” like you do with stiffer sheets. But despite this super-smooth texture, our sheets won’t slide out of place. Sturdy elastic harnesses keep the corners firmly anchored.

We think these are the best bed sheets. If you don’t agree, ship them back anytime during your 100-night sleep trial, no questions asked. And we don’t charge to ship them anywhere in the country. Take our sheets for a spin and see for yourself why our customers love them.

Check out the Hush Iced 2.0 sheets here

Best Cotton Percale - L.L. Bean Pima Cotton Percale Sheet Set

Set of L.L. Bean Cotton Percale Sheet in bright yellow Sunlight color neatly folded

Even if you don’t know much about bedding, you’ve probably heard that Egyptian cotton is better than the regular stuff. Many people don’t realize that the lesser-known Pima variety is just as good. Both varieties have long, durable fibers that create a more breathable weave than ordinary cotton. But since it doesn’t have the same name recognition, Pima is less expensive.

L.L. Bean’s Pima cotton sheets use a classic percale weave, giving them a slightly starchy feel. If you prefer a crisper texture over the buttery softness of our Hush Iced finish, these sheets are a good alternative. Some reviewers find them too raspy, but personal taste varies a lot when it comes to the feel of bed sheets.

The L.L. Bean percale sheets also feature an understated but elegant stitching design at the hems. You can get them in several attractive, muted shades. They’re a little less affordable than our Hush sheets, though. A Queen-sized set costs $159 before tax, while ours go for $139.

Shop L.L. Bean sheets here

Best Cotton Sateen - Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

folded set of Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet in Graphite and Steel Oxford Stripe pattern

Cotton sheets usually come in one of two styles. There’s the crisp, cross-hatched percale weave that L.L. Bean uses for the sheets above. Brooklinen’s Luxe Core set represents the other option: a denser sateen weave. This makes for silkier sheets that hug your body’s curves a little more.

Brooklinen’s sheets have a higher thread count than the Hush Iced sheets. Most people think higher thread counts mean softer bedding, but this isn’t really true. What it does mean is that there’s more material per square inch, making the Brooklinen sheets a bit denser and hotter. If you struggle with overheating at night, these might not be right for you.

The Luxe Core sheets are machine-washable and don’t wrinkle easily. The company also offers a full year to test out its bed sheets, so you’ll have plenty of time to decide whether they’re too hot or just right.

Shop Brooklinen sheets here

Best Celebrity-Endorsed - Cozy Earth Bamboo

Bed with white Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

If you like the natural breathability of bamboo sheets, but you want something a little warmer than our Hush Iced sheets, this set from Cozy Earth is a good option. They're lightweight and breezy, though they lack the added cooling power of the Hush Iced finish.

The Cozy Earth sheets get a lot of praise for their softness - Oprah herself vouched for them in 2018. That turbocharged slickness isn’t for everyone, though. Some reviewers mentioned that the sheets and pillowcases tend to slide free very easily, requiring frequent adjustments.

A bigger concern is the reports that the Cozy Earth bamboo sheets pill easily, or even rip, after a few trips through the washing machine. That’s hard to swallow, considering the price point - a Queen-size set will cost you $369, more than twice what you’d pay for the Hush Iced sheets.

Our advice: if you’re going to get these sheets, wash them frequently during your initial 100-night trial run. That way, if you find any durability issues, you’ll still be within the return window.

Shop Cozy Earth sheets here

Best Lyocell Sheets - Casper Hyperlite

Folded Casper Hyperlite Sheet Set with Duvet Cover in gray color

Casper’s Hyperlite sheets are made with lyocell, a naturally-sourced material that’s a lot like bamboo viscose. Both are good at absorbing moisture and letting air pass through. Some consider lyocell more eco-friendly because it’s made of eucalyptus trees, which can grow without a lot of water on low-quality farmland.

In our experience, bamboo can be just as environmentally friendly, though. You just have to make sure the people you’re buying from grow and harvest it responsibly. We use 100% organic, sustainably sourced bamboo. This is pretty similar to lyocell in terms of environmental impact, but it’s less expensive - which may be why Casper’s sheets cost more than ours.

These sheets are woven in a unique grid-shaped pattern that enhances airflow. They’re also very lightweight, with a thread count of only 200, which is good for hot sleepers. They don’t have the just-out-of-the-fridge coolness of a Hush sheet, though.

The main drawbacks of Casper’s lyocell sheets are in the design. Their thin construction raises questions about how well they’ll resist wear and tear. Some reviewers noted that you can practically read your mattress tags through these sheets. They’re also pretty susceptible to wrinkling, and they lack the extra-thick hem at the top of the flat sheet. This can make your newly-made bed look a little less elegant.

Shop Casper sheets here

Best For Extra-Thick Mattresses - Avocado Deep Pocket Organic Cotton

person making a bed with the Avocado Deep Pocket Organic Cotton fitted sheet in natural color

More and more customers are turning to plush foam mattresses that can be boxed up and shipped to your door. Some of them are so thick that traditional fitted sheets can’t wrap around them! If you’ve got a truly monstrous mattress, you may need to pair it with sheets like the Avocado Deep Pocket set. The fitted sheet is 22 inches deep, letting it hug even extra-large beds.

The Avocado sheets use certified organic and non-toxic materials. Their sateen-woven, single-ply cotton has a soft, smooth sheen. Some customers consider this texture luxurious, while others find it oddly slippery. Hot sleepers will probably want to give these sheets a pass since their thread count of 600 makes them a little heavy and clingy.

If you want to try the Avocado Deep Pocket Sheets, be aware that they’re almost as pricy as the Cozy Earth sheets above. A Queen-size set currently goes for $259.

Shop Avocado sheets here

Best Wrinkle Resistance - Garnet Hill Solid Wrinkle-Resistant Sateen

stack of neatly folded Garnet Hill Solid Sateen Bedding in different pastel colors

Garnet Hill has a great option for customers who find ironing their sheets tedious, but still want them to look crisp. This sheet set uses a sateen weave, which naturally stays a bit smoother. And the company adds a non-toxic fabric treatment that helps keep the sheets from creasing. They don’t claim to be 100% wrinkle-proof, but they’re better than most in this department.

The material quality is a little harder to verify. The product page says the sheets use long-staple cotton, but they don’t specify the type or the percentage. And the pricing is a little tricky, too. The range they quote in the description sounds quite reasonable…until you realize that the flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases are all sold separately. A complete Queen-sized set costs about $250 before tax.

Shop Garnet Hill sheets here

Best Fitted Sheet - Endy Organic Cotton

folded Endy Organic Cotton in Glacier Blue color

Endy’s sheets are made of 100% organic cotton and get good marks for lightness and breathability. But the thing that really stands out is how strong the elastic is on their fitted sheets. That might seem like a pretty niche concern. However, if you’re the kind of person who moves around a lot in your sleep, you know how annoying it can be to have to constantly tuck the corners back in. With the Endy sheets, that concern is a thing of the past.

There are a few drawbacks. Like Garnet Hill, Endy is vague about just what type of cotton they use. That usually means it’s one of the varieties with shorter fibers, which leads to a slightly rougher feel. And they only give you 60 nights to decide if you like them, which is less than the industry standard.

Shop Endy sheets here

Best Styled Sheets - Brooklinen Classic Core

Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set in Cape Flora design

We looked at Brooklinen’s sateen sheets above, but they also have a percale option that lets more air flow through and feels a little firmer. In fact, the Classic Core sheets are so crisp that some reviews complain that they make a weird crunchy sound when you move around. Cotton does get softer as you wash it, but the Brooklinen Classic Core sheets don’t “break in” as much as other percale sheets.

One great feature of these sheets is their style palette. Along with traditional muted color options like white, cream, and gray, Brooklinen offers funky patterns and vivid shades of purple or yellow. If you want good-quality sheets that also have a little flair, the Classic Core set might be for you.

Shop Brooklinen sheets here

Best on a Budget - Target Threshold Solid Performance

folded set of Target Threshold Solid Performance Sheet in white color

We promised to tell you about the best sheets out there, so it’s no surprise that they’ve all been above $100 so far. But bargain hunters need comfortable sleep too. Target’s all-cotton Threshold sheets have a great reputation for resisting wear and tear, even though their largest set is only $65. They also hold their color well with repeated washing, and they come in a decent range of earthy colors.

These won’t be the most luxurious cotton sheets you’ll ever snooze on. They do have a soft sateen finish, but the cotton in them is short-staple. That means they don’t breathe as well or feel as smooth as the longer-fiber material in the Brooklinen or L.L. Bean sheets. However, the Target Threshold set is much more comfortable than some cheap synthetic sheets that cost just as much.

Shop Target sheets here

Best Crisp Feel - Snowe Percale

folded Snowe Percale Sheet Set in Classic Ivory color

We hate to resort to cliches, but it seems like everyone who tries the Snow Percale sheets says the same thing: they make you feel like you’re tucking into a hotel bed. What’s behind this feeling?

It comes down to the tight weave. We’ve covered a few percale sets on this list, but the Snowe sheets are true long-staple cotton, so they can pack lots of fibers into every inch of fabric. This gives them the sturdy quality that makes hotel sheets feel so crisp.

The impression of elegance is reinforced by the unboxing experience. Snowe’s sheet set arrives in a brown paper parcel with a hand-written note thanking you for your purchase. The sellers also throw in some attractive pouches for storing the sheets when you’re not using them.

The Snowe Percale sheets do sleep hotter than our Hush Iced sheets due to their heavier material. They also don’t absorb night sweats as well, and they might feel a little overly rigid the first few times you sleep on them. Remember to fold them as soon as the drying cycle finishes, or they’ll get very wrinkled.

Shop Snowe sheets here

Best Natural Feel - Tuck Classic Sheet Set

Tuck Classic Sheet Set in Clay color

The Tuck Classic sheets will appeal to sleepers who dislike the tidy firmness of the Snowe Percale. They’re thoroughly pre-washed to create the soft, lived-in texture of sheets that you’ve curled up in a thousand times before.

The material is an interesting combination of cotton and lyocell. It doesn’t absorb as much moisture as pure lyocell, but it feels more natural. It also sleeps a little cooler than pure cotton. Unfortunately, it will pill more easily than the smooth, all-bamboo fibers of the Hush or Cozy Earth sheets.

Shop Tuck sheets here

Choosing the Best Bed Sheets: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still feeling confused about how to judge bed sheet quality? We want you to be able to make an informed decision, even if you’re looking at something that’s not on our list. Let’s address a few of the most common questions about buying sheets.

What material is best for bed sheets?

Different people prefer different textiles in their sheets. We have a detailed article on the strengths and weaknesses of various sheet materials, but we’ll give you a quick breakdown here.


Cotton is a natural fiber that lets a lot of air through, so it’s better at keeping you cool than synthetic fabrics. It’s not as good for those who sweat heavily, because it gets soaked through quickly. The softest and most durable cotton sheets come from long-staple cottons, like the Egyptian, Pima, or Suvin varieties.


Linen is another natural textile, with thick fibers that absorb more moisture than cotton. They also don’t wear out as quickly. But linen tends to cost more and feel heavier. It also has a rougher, more homespun feel that not everyone likes.


Bamboo sheets (the technical name for the material is bamboo viscose) are more durable than cotton and better at wicking away sweat than linen. They’re also very breathable and hypoallergenic. Plus, bamboo cultivation is easier on the environment than growing cotton.


Eucalyptus fabric - called lyocell or Tencel - is very similar to bamboo viscose. It’s tough, breezy, and good for keeping sweaty sleepers dry. It tends to be more expensive than bamboo, possibly because many people consider eucalyptus a bit more sustainable.


Silk is the fabric for those who crave softness above all else. It’s got a smooth, shimmery surface that feels very light on the skin. It doesn’t release as much heat as bamboo or cotton, so it’s better for winter nights or sleepers who run cold.

How important is thread count?

Few things generate more confusion when shopping for bedding than the infamous thread count number. Some people treat high thread count as a synonym for quality. Others insist it’s meaningless.

The truth is somewhere in between. First of all, thread count really only applies to single-ply cotton sheets. Other materials have their own quality metrics. What the thread count number tells you is how many strands of cotton are in each square inch of material.

In theory, more threads per inch means a tighter weave made of longer fibers. That translates to a softer, sturdier sheet. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers have started stacking multiple layers of fabric and including all them in their quoted thread count. That lets them make inferior cotton - sometimes even mixed with cheap synthetic fibers - seem high-quality.

If you’re looking at sheets with a high thread count, make sure the label states that they’re made of 100% cotton with a single-ply weave. (It’s an even better sign if they use one of the long-staple cotton varieties we mentioned above.) Otherwise, the thread count is basically meaningless, and could even be a warning that the sheets are made of cheaper stuff.

Keep in mind that higher thread counts generally make the material heavier and the weave tighter. That’s good for softness, but not as good for coolness and airflow.

What is the most luxurious type of bed sheet?

Once again, there’s a lot of debate over this question. Silk sheets are a popular high-end choice. They slide almost weightlessly over the skin, and if they’re well-made, they can last for over a decade. On the downside, they require more specialized care, because harsh machine washing can ruin them.

Other people consider linen the true hallmark of luxury sheets. A good set of linen sheets can hold up even longer than silk, and they’ll only get softer and fluffier with repeated washing. They start out with a scratchier texture, but a truly lived-in set of linen sheets is incredibly soft and breathable.

We designed our Hush Iced 2.0 sheets to be the best of both worlds. We start with the highest-quality bamboo viscose, then press it between graphite rollers to smooth out the countless tiny hairs that normally stick out of the fibers. This creates an incredibly smooth texture that resists pilling and feels delicious against the skin. Our luxury sheets combine the softness of silk with the coolness of bamboo.