Are Bamboo Sheets Any Good? A Look Into The Hype

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If you’re shopping for a new set of sheets to snuggle up with, you’d have a hard time not running across bamboo bed sheets. They’ve become super popular in recent years, with seemingly endless options to choose from.

As with most things on the internet, it can be hard to tell how much is hype and what’s the real deal. We’ve spent years learning about the ins and outs of bedding in order to create our products, and in this article we’ll lend our expertise in order to help you cut through the noise.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of bamboo sheets. We’ll see if they live up to their eco-friendly reputation, and whether they’re as soft and breathable as some people claim.

We’ll also take a look at whether bamboo sheets really are good for your hair and skin, and compare them to the classic cotton bed sheets most people are familiar with.

At the end of the piece, you’ll have a good understanding of whether bamboo sheets are good, who they’re good for, and which ones are the best.

The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Sheets

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Many people have fallen in love with the numerous benefits of bamboo sheets. On the other hand, there are some potential drawbacks with bamboo sheets to consider. Let’s take a look at how they stack up:

Pro: Most Bamboo Is Naturally Sustainable

Just by virtue of its raw materials, bamboo scores major points for sustainability, because it grows so quickly compared to other plants used in making textiles. It also rarely requires pesticides or fertilizers to grow, even at a large scale.

Bamboo also uses much less water and land to grow than textiles like cotton. If you’re looking for sheets that are as soft on the environment as they are to the touch, bamboo sheets can be a great choice.

Con: Not All Bamboo Is Eco-Friendly

You might have noticed we said bamboo “can” be a great choice. That’s because the sustainability of a given set of sheets can vary depending on what happens after the plant is harvested.

If you look at the tag on a set of bamboo sheets, you’ll typically see the words “viscose” or “rayon.” These are both terms for a material made by breaking down the cellulose fibers of a plant, in this case bamboo.

To break down those fibers, manufacturers have to use some pretty harsh chemicals. We’re talking sulfuric acid, carbon disulfide, sodium hydroxide, and several other compounds the average person probably doesn’t want to cuddle up with.

Another complication to keep in mind: there are some companies out there that write “bamboo” on the label while actually blending their fibers with other materials, like microfiber or polyester. Given that those materials are often made from petroleum, it goes without saying that they aren’t exactly sustainable.

Pro: Bamboo Sheets Are Naturally Soft

One major benefit of bamboo sheets is that they’re naturally soft. So soft, in fact, that higher thread counts don’t typically matter as much for bamboo sheets as they do for cotton or other materials. 300 thread count bamboo sheets will feel luxuriously silky, for example, while 300 thread count cotton sheets are more coarse.

Con: There’s a Lot of Low-Quality Bamboo Out There

On the other hand, like many sheets made from natural fibers, low-quality bamboo sheets sometimes pill easily after a few washes. This is usually an issue for lower-quality, cheaper bamboo sheets that haven’t gone through a finishing process.

Pro: Bamboo Is Cooling and Breathable

If you’re a hot sleeper, bamboo sheets can be a great choice. 100% bamboo fabric is a naturally breathable material. It wont trap as much heat during the night as other types of fabric, which can help you get better sleep.

The superior breathability of bamboo sheets is made possible by the lower thread counts we mentioned earlier: there are more gaps between individual threads that allow warm air to escape. Bamboo sheets also do a great job of moisture-wicking, keeping you dry throughout the night.

Con: Bamboo Is Often Blended, Which Makes It Stuffy

This is another area where not all bamboo sheets are created equal. Sheets containing a small percentage of bamboo are sometimes labeled “bamboo” to cash in on the hype, but don’t have the same natural breathability that bamboo brings to the table. They also won’t wick away moisture as effectively.

As always, a good rule of thumb is to check the label or do your research before you buy. See our expert take on bamboo sheets with blended materials in this in-depth and honest Cosy House bamboo sheets review

Pro: Bamboo Sheets Have Tons of Benefits For Hair and Skin

Beyond just better sleep, many of the natural properties of bamboo fabric are especially beneficial for your hair and skin. Specifically:

  • Bamboo sheets are naturally smooth and soft to the touch. Beyond just making them extra snuggly, this also means they can soothe the skin and prevent irritation, especially for people with conditions like eczema.
  • Bamboo sheets are naturally antimicrobial, breathable, and moisture-wicking. This is helpful for those with sensitive skin, since a set of bamboo sheets won’t allow excess sweat and germs to build up overnight.
  • Unlike some other materials, bamboo sheets are considered naturally hypoallergenic. This means the individual fibers do not cause allergic reactions in most people. The lack of dyes and chemicals found in these fabrics also reduces the risk of bamboo sheets for people with allergies or sensitive skin.
  • The silky softness of a bamboo pillowcase can help prevent your hair from getting tangled up, thanks to the material’s long, smooth fibers reducing friction against the hair. This has the added benefit of helping to prevent split ends.
  • Since bamboo sheets don’t harbor bacteria and other microorganisms, they can also help to keep your hair and scalp cleaner. This means less frequent hair washing, which can lead to healthier hair in the long-term.

We said this would be a pros and cons list, but when it comes to hair and skin, it’s really all pros with bamboo sheets. They’re a fantastic choice for people with sensitive skin, or for those who want to make sure every day’s a Good Hair Day.

Why Bamboo Sheets Are Better Than Cotton

A woman sleeping on a set of Hush Iced 2.0 Bamboo sheets in latte color.

If you don’t currently have cotton sheets on your bed at home, chances are you’ve slept on them at least once. If you’re considering making the switch, you might be curious how bamboo and cotton sheets compare.

  • Both bamboo and cotton are renewable resources, but when it comes to sustainability, bamboo is a clear winner. The cultivation of cotton requires the use of significantly more land and water than bamboo. Plus, the bamboo plant generally doesn’t require the use of pesticides and fertilizer like cotton does.
  • Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton sheets are soft and luxurious to the touch due to their long fibers, but they usually command a premium price. Bamboo fibers are naturally similar in length to luxury cotton, providing the same silky smooth feel without the added cost.
  • Cotton sheets can be breathable, but hot sleepers should make sure they’re getting the right weave as some types can actually trap heat. The structure of bamboo fiber, on the other hand, allows air to flow through sheets regardless of weave or thread count.
  • While high-end Egyptian cotton sheets are sometimes an exception, for the most part, cotton sheets provide more friction against the hair than bamboo. Cotton also isn’t antimicrobial, making bamboo sheets a better choice for those with sensitive skin.

The Best Bamboo Sheets Out There

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All of the benefits above are why we decided to make our own set of bamboo sheets. We wanted to create amazing sheets to go with our cooling weighted blanket, so we researched every material.  

Even we were initially skeptical. But after looking into it more, we realized that bamboo sheets DO live up to the hype — as long as they’re created the right way. We tried out a ton of the different bamboo sheet sets out there to see what works and what doesn’t.

For us, a great set of bamboo sheets have to live up to these standards:

Made from High-Quality, 100% Bamboo

Our sheets are made entirely from high quality, 100% organic bamboo. We don’t blend our fabric with cheaper material, and we don’t use harsh chemicals in our process.

We’re even picky about the season we buy: we don’t buy bamboo that’s been harvested in the summer for our sheets. That’s because a summer harvest means lower quality bamboo, which makes for sheets that are more likely to pill, wear out, or tear.

Look for a Breathable Weave

The Hush Iced 2.0 sheets are woven in a cross hatch pattern, which helps their 300 thread count feel more like 1500. We innovated further from there: while most companies burn off the fuzzy little hairs that stick out during the weaving process, we’ve developed a way of rolling them into the gaps between the threads. This makes for an even more luxuriously soft sheet that doesn’t pill, while still allowing airflow.

They’ve Got To Stay On the Bed

A minor annoyance of silky smooth sheets is that sometimes they can slide off the bed. We developed a unique harnessing system for our sheets to make sure they stay put, keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.

We’re proud to offer a set of bamboo sheets that we think are truly the best in the industry. Of course, if you’d rather try them yourself than take our word for it, we’re game: the Hush Iced 2.0 sheets come with a 30-night sleep trial. If you don’t love them, just send them right back to us for a full refund, no questions asked.

Are Bamboo Sheets Worth It?

A woman snuggling up in bed with a set of Hush sheets.

We think so! As we’ve seen throughout this article, bamboo bed sheets definitely have a lot going for them compared to the other types of sheets on the market.

Bamboo sheets are as soft on the planet as they feel on your skin. Bamboo is a renewable, sustainable resource that grows quickly, often without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.

Sheets made entirely from bamboo are as buttery soft to the touch at a lower thread count than other fabrics. This means a luxury feel, without the luxury markup.

They’re also great for people who sleep hot thanks to their moisture-wicking properties and exceptional breathability. Bamboo’s softness and antimicrobial properties are great for people with sensitive skin or who just want to say goodbye to bedhead.

If there are drawbacks to bamboo sheets, it’s that lower quality sheets might not offer many of these benefits. If you’re looking for silky soft, sustainable, cooling bamboo sheets that give the finest Egyptian cotton sheets a run for their money, you’ve got to be sure you’re dealing with a company that doesn’t cut corners.

Here at Hush, we pride ourselves on just that. The Hush Iced 2.0 bamboo sheets are the best in the industry, and we offer them at no risk with our 30-night sleep trial. If you’re ready to join the bamboo revolution, check out our sheets!