About Us

Our mission is simple: we want to help people reclaim their rest. Around the world insomnia and anxiety are only getting worse, and we want to fight back with products that help people get the sleep they need.

Meet the Founders

Co Founder Lior Ohayon

Working at a summer camp for special needs children is what first showed Lior just how much weighted blankets help kids who have trouble falling asleep. It was a simple step from there to see how they could help everyone else, and several more steps to discover all the other ways sleep could be improved. Now Lior works to bring sleep products that can help anyone get a truly good night’s sleep to everyone who needs them.

Co Founder Aaron Spivak

Aaron discovered a shared passion in making products that can truly improve anyone’s rest when he met Lior in 2017. Together, they made the first Hush product: the Hush Classic blanket. Its success proved the need for better sleep. Now Aaron works to create the very best products, constantly improving and expanding so Hush can continue to bring better rest to everyone that needs it.

Hush Milestones

See how Hush has grown over the years