Endy vs Bloom vs Hush - Finding the Best Canadian Mattress

industrial designed bedroom with concrete wall and full-length windows

industrial bedroom design with concrete wall and full-length windows

Trying to choose a mattress-in-a-box? It can be a tough decision since you don't get to try your options out first. Even if you've narrowed it down to a few brands, how do you know which is best? Should you go with the popular and affordable Endy mattress? Or the Bloom mattress, Sleep Country's flagship bed-in-a-box?

Most mattress reviews don't make this choice easier. They tend to be too vague and too technical at the same time. How do you know what a "7.4 on the firmness scale" will feel like? Are 6 foam layers better than 4? Is the "Comfort Foam" in an Endy mattress better than the "Cooling gel foam" in the Bloom?

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Our mattress review will cut through the confusion and help you rest easy. We drew on mountains of customer feedback while designing our own Hush mattress. So we know what's important to people shopping for a good night's sleep. Our "Bloom vs Endy mattress" breakdown will compare these mattress brands based on 6 crucial quality markers. And it will show you how the Hush mattress measures up.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you'll have found the mattress of your dreams.

Endy vs Bloom - Overview

We'll begin with the big picture. Where do the Endy and Bloom mattresses come from? Who makes these beds? Do they have reputations you can trust?

Endy Mattress

woman lying on her stomach on an Endy mattress looking at a smartphone held by a smiling man sitting on the floor

Endy was one of the first Canadian contenders in the online mattress game, launching in 2015. Instead of making a conventional memory foam mattress, they designed their own open-cell foam with a little more breathability and bounce. And they offered the Endy mattress at a better price point than many competitors.

Bloom Mattress

bloom mattress in grey bed frame with box packaging on the left

The Bloom mattress comes from Canadian retail titan Sleep Country. (Did you just hear their jingle in your head?) It's a soft bed without the smothering feel of some memory foam mattresses. And since its launch, the brand has exploded. Instead of just one Bloom mattress, there are now five. You can choose from a range of price and firmness options when shopping with Bloom.

Hush Mattress

smiling woman lying on her stomach on a Hush mattress and happily covered with blanket

What about Hush? Our company began by creating stress-relieving weighted blankets. We learned a ton about the science of sleep in the process. And we also learned that our customers were desperate for a sturdy, well-engineered mattress.

The most common type of compressed mattress is made of nothing but spongy foam. On the top are a few layers of memory foam or similar materials for comfort. Lower down, there's high-density polyfoam for support. This design makes these beds soft and easy to squish into boxes for shipping.

pieces of foam scattered on the floor when Hush team cuts through a foam mattress during product research and development

The problem is that they're also flimsy. Even the densest support foam won't hold you up the way a traditional spring mattress does. And all-foam mattresses trap a lot of heat. Our customers wanted a bed that would feel cool and support proper spine alignment.

To satisfy them, we experimented for close to two years. We journeyed factory floors around the world in search of a better bed. We tested out hundreds of different materials. We tore apart competing mattresses to find flaws. And we searched high and low for a manufacturer who would meet our quality standards.

Hush founders Lior Ohayon and Aaron Spivak inspecting a factory to manufacture mattresses

That led us to the Hush Mattress. It's a hybrid of sturdy coils and cushioning foam. Compared with all-foam mattresses, our combo gives you better support in more sleeping positions. But it also provides a dreamy softness that makes you feel like you're floating. And it combines three layers of cooling technology to keep hot sleepers comfortable.

You can find the Hush Mattress right here if you want to see it for yourself. Then come back for our in-depth comparison of Endy vs Bloom vs Hush.

smiling woman lying on her stomach on a Hush Mattress

Now you're up to speed on the mattress brands we're looking at. It's time to get into the real measures of quality.

#1: Support

sleeping person covered with white sheets with tired feet hanging at the edge of bed

The first job of any mattress is to hold you up. If it's too soft, you'll sink into an awkward posture. Too firm, and you might as well sleep on the floor. How much support will these mattresses give you?

How Supportive is the Endy Mattress?

The Endy is considered a medium-firm mattress. But there's no universal firmness scale, so what does that mean in practice? For starters, the open-cell foam in the Endy mattress is a little bouncier than many foam beds. Most people won't sink so far into it that they feel trapped. But it still has more give than an old-school innerspring design.

Unfortunately, the Endy mattress doesn't have very good edge support. The sides of the mattress compress when you place any weight on them. This can make you feel like you're sliding or rolling out of bed if you get too close to the edge.

Edge support is a common problem with foam mattresses. These spongy beds don't have much of a rigid structure to hold up the sides. The Endy mattress is pretty typical in this respect.

woman sleeping on her back on an Endy mattress

How Supportive is a Bloom Mattress?

It's a little harder to generalize about Bloom mattresses. After all, there are five of them! But they all have some important design elements in common. Most important is their all-foam construction. This makes them fairly squishy and soft. Almost any model from Bloom will let you sink more than an Endy mattress.

You can get a little more back support if you opt for the priciest Bloom mattress, called the Bloom Cloud. A band of stiff latex buried in the support layer helps brace your hips and lower back. That's where the average sleeper's weight is most concentrated. So this zoned support helps keep your core from sinking and putting strain on your lower back.

Bloom's mattresses are roughly on part with the Endy mattress for edge support. They're not the worst, but they're far from the best.

How Supportive is our Hush Mattress?

If you're looking for the most support from your bed, you can't beat springy coils. That's one big reason we went with a hybrid design for our Hush mattress. The pocketed coils adapt to your body weight with no sagging feeling. They have enough give to avoid stiffness, but they won't let you sink.

man showing the high-density coils inside Hush Mattress for support

Heavy-gauge springs under your hips give the added core support you need in our Hush mattress. We also placed some of these coils below the knee joints and head, which also tend to need a bit more support. If you struggle with sleep posture or back pain, the Hush mattress is your best bet. It offers excellent ergonomic support.

That hybrid build is also great if you like to sleep on your stomach. This posture tends to make you even more sensitive than usual to the shoulder and neck strain caused by sagging hips. The springs in a Hush will support stomach sleepers up to around 300 pounds.

Hush team showing the manufacturing process of the hybrid Hush Mattress

The Hush also has standout edge support. The coils sit inside a sturdy box-shaped frame that keeps the sides of the bed from dipping. You can roll right up to the edge of your mattress with no slipping sensation. Foam beds like the Endy mattress or the Bloom line can't match that level of edge support.

#2: Pressure Relief

woman in tank top sleeping on her side with bright windows behind her

A supportive bed is important for healthy back alignment. But even the firmest mattress should have some softness up top. That's how you relieve pressure on the bonier parts of your body. This is especially important for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. Those sleeping positions put extra strain on your hips, shoulders, elbows, and knees.

How is the Pressure Relief on an Endy Mattress?

Endy mattresses have a squishy softness in the comfort layer. They'll feel very comfortable to back sleepers. However, you may have a harder time resting on your side with an Endy mattress. That's especially true if you're heavier than average.

Why? Because lying on your side concentrates extra weight onto your hips and shoulders. This makes you press deeper into the squishy comfort layer. If you sink enough to push against the stiffer support foam underneath, it can get uncomfortable.

How is the Pressure Relief on a Bloom Mattress?

closer view of the edge of Bloom mattress illustrating its foam layers

Bloom mattresses are very similar to the Endy mattress when it comes to pressure relief. They may even feel a little softer to average weight sleepers. That's because they’re made with memory foam layers that conform closely to your shape. Endy mattresses don’t contain any memory foam, so they don’t contour as much to a sleeper’s body.

As with an Endy mattress, though, some side sleepers may be less comfortable on a Bloom bed. The support foam can dig into your side a bit if the comfort layer squashes down all the way.

If pressure relief is your priority, and you want a Bloom mattress, you should look at the Bloom Mist. It's got an extra layer of memory foam for added pressure point accommodation. Hot sleepers beware, though. Memory foam mattresses are notorious for trapping heat.

How is the Pressure Relief on our Hush Mattress?

Our mattress gives you great pressure relief in any sleep position. The fluffy foam pillow top takes the edge off of the bony areas. And the responsive coils can flex to accommodate many different body types.

woman in three different sleeping positions

A spring can compress or expand much more than a block of dense foam. So even if you push through the pillow topper, the coils won't jab into your hips. Instead, they'll simply compress a little more. But they’ll still have enough resistance to support good posture.

The responsive springs and the pillowy foam are the chocolate and peanut butter of the Hush mattress. They work together to create the feeling that you're floating gently on top of your bed.

#3: Motion Isolation

couple sleeping on bed with white blanket

Most people prefer a fairly steady mattress, especially if they're sharing a bed. A wobbly mattress can disturb your sleep every time your sleep partner rolls over. Let's see how our three brands compare on motion isolation.

How Steady is the Endy Mattress?

Motion isolation is one of the strengths of foam beds. The Endy mattress is no exception. In fact, several professional reviewers found it steadier than the average memory foam mattress.

You can sleep soundly on the Endy mattress even if the person next to you is fidgeting and twitching all night long. And your bed won't make any noise unless it's in a creaky frame. An Endy mattress is a great choice if you value motion isolation.

How Steady is a Bloom Mattress?

The level of motion isolation varies between different mattresses in Bloom's catalog. But all of them offer average to above-average steadiness, even for foam mattresses. You don't need to be concerned about noise and wobbling with a Bloom mattress.

How Steady is our Hush Mattress?

couple sleeping on bed facing each other

Many people assume that innerspring mattresses won't have good motion isolation. And that's true with an old-fashioned design in which all the coils are linked together. Press down on one spring, and all of them jiggle.

We wanted to avoid this problem with the Hush mattress. That's why we used pocketed coils. Each one sits in its own sleeve. That way, they don't yank on each other when they move.

Founders Lior Ohayon and Aaron Spivak testing the Hush Mattress for steadiness and motion isolation

Our mattress isn't completely silent like an all-foam bed. But for steadiness and motion isolation, it's right up there with a Bloom or Endy mattress. As long as you're not jumping on the bed, you shouldn't wake your sleep partner.

And the springiness of our hybrid bed also makes it easy to shift positions. If you're a combination sleeper who likes to shift around during the night, you'll love the Hush. And so will the person sleeping next to you.

#4: Cooling

Thanks to advances in sleep science, we now know that temperature has a profound impact on sleep quality. Researchers have found that your deep sleep and REM cycles are disturbed when you're too hot at night. But the right mattress can help regulate your temperature. How does Bloom stack up vs Endy in terms of cooling power?

How Cool is the Endy Mattress?

Unfortunately, air can't circulate very well through foam slabs. That means the heat from your sleeping body tends to build up inside Endy mattresses.

It's not as bad as it could be, thanks to the open-cell foam in the comfort layer. It's more breathable than memory foam. And the loose weave on the mattress cover also lets air through.

However, the core of an Endy mattress is dense, heat-retentive polyfoam. There's a limit to how cool you can get when you're sleeping on a material like that.

How Cool is a Bloom Mattress?

Most Bloom mattresses get their pressure relief from memory foam. As you may have guessed, that makes them sleep fairly hot. To be fair, they use a gel visco memory foam instead of the standard stuff. This high-tech material is a little better at dispersing body heat.

At the end of the day, though, the Bloom is an all-foam mattress. There's not much you can do to cool down the spongy polyfoam that makes up most of its bulk.

How Cool is our Hush Mattress?

Cooling is a bit of a specialty of ours. We developed our own proprietary heat-wicking fabric for our weighted blankets, and that's what the Hush mattress cover is made of. Below that is our pillow topper. Since it's made of foam, this would normally be the hottest part of the bed. But every layer is engineered to keep you cool.

Production team shows the three layers of Hush Mattress designed to make the mattress 3 degrees cooler than the bedroom

The upper layer is perforated to let hot air escape. And it has an advanced phase-change coating that sucks the heat away from your body.

Underneath that is a layer of graphite, which helps wick heat into the air. And the leftover warmth sinks into tiny gel bubbles in the lowest layer of the pillow topper, away from your body.

But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the Hush's hybrid frame is open space, with only metal coils inside. That allows lots of air to circulate through our mattress, carrying heat away from your sleeping body.

Bottom line? Our mattress feels cool to the touch and won't heat you up as you sleep. The Hush is the best Canadian mattress for hot sleepers.

#5: Durability

father and daughter wearing red plaid pajamas and jumping on bed

A mattress is only worth buying if it can stand up to daily use. Unfortunately, durability is one of the hardest factors to estimate when you're shopping online. That's why we're here. We'll help you understand how long these beds will hold up.

How Durable is the Endy Mattress?

Foam beds aren't known for their long lifespans. The Endy mattress is built better than most, though. You can expect yours to last for 7 or 8 years before it sags noticeably in the middle. However, that timeframe can vary by a few years based on your usage and body weight.

How Durable is a Bloom Mattress?

The materials in Bloom's beds are very similar to those in the Endy mattress. True, there are some slight differences in terms of feel, coolness, and breathability. But they won't have much impact on how long the mattress holds up. A Bloom mattress should also last around 7-8 years.

How Durable is our Hush Mattress?

closer shot of Hush Mattress with logo stitched on the side

The Hush is a very sturdy mattress that can last for at least 10 years of daily use. The tough coils in the support layer won't wear out as fast as the spongy fibers of a Bloom or Endy mattress. And each of our beds is put together by hand in our Toronto factory.

#6: Buying Experience

couple about to unbox an Endy Mattress on a white bedroom with big windows behind them

Convenience is one of the main reasons to go with a web-based retailer when you're looking for a new mattress. But a bad online buying experience can be even more frustrating than the mattress store. So what's it like to order, unbox, and test out these beds?

Buying an Endy Mattress

Endy sells their mattresses at a very competitive price. It's cheaper than comparable Bloom models like the Bloom Mist or Bloom Air. And Endy offers free shipping within Canada.

You get a 100-night sleep trial with the Endy mattress. You can send it back anytime within that window if you're not satisfied.

Setting up an Endy mattress is pretty straightforward. Open the box, tip the bed out, and cut through a few layers of plastic. Then unroll it and lay it flat.

The Endy mattress only takes about 3 minutes to expand to full size. You'll need to leave it for 24-48 hours in a ventilated room before sleeping on it, though. There will be some off-gassing of chemicals from the factory. That's true of most new mattresses from online retailers (except Hush 🙂).

Buying a Bloom Mattress

Bloom offers the broadest array of mattress prices and styles out of these three brands. They have beds for extreme bargain hunters as well as more expensive options like the Bloom Cloud. As a bonus, the Bloom mattress cover is machine-washable, which is rare for bed-in-a-box brands.

You'll also get free shipping on any order above approximately $58 USD. Unlike Endy and Hush, though, the Bloom mattress is made in China. If you want to support Canadian manufacturing, look elsewhere.

The unboxing process is just like Endy's. The Bloom mattress takes around 3 minutes to expand and requires the same one- to two-day off-gassing period. And like Endy, they give you 100 nights to decide if you like the bed.

Buying a Hush Mattress

Founders unboxing the Hush Mattress

We keep the buying process simple and to the point. We're confident that The Hush will feel comfortable for almost any body type and sleep style. The hybrid construction makes it more versatile than a spongier bed.

It does cost a bit more than a Bloom or Endy mattress of the same size. We think you'll find that the added comfort, support, and durability make it well worth the price.

Like Endy, we build our mattresses right here in Canada. We provide free shipping anywhere in the country. And we give you a 100-night sleep trial to make sure you're satisfied.

Unlike Endy and Bloom, you don't have to worry about off-gassing with a Hush mattress. We don't use any toxic ingredients that require ventilation. Even the glue that holds the pillow topper together is plant-based and edible. You can sleep on your Hush mattress just a few minutes after you unwrap it.

Endy vs Bloom vs Hush - Which Mattress is Right For You?

sleeping woman on bed cuddling with a dog

If you've followed along this far, you should have a clear sense of the strengths and weaknesses of these three mattress options. Just in case, though, we'll give you a quick recap.

Endy and Bloom mattresses have good motion isolation, and their pressure relief is good for lightweight and average sleepers. Both brands have a bit of sink to them, though Bloom mattresses are softer on average. If price is your main concern, you're also better off with Bloom.

But if you want the best night's sleep in the widest range of positions, the Hush mattress is the clear winner. Its hybrid build makes it both soft and sturdy, helping you keep a healthy alignment while you sleep. And the responsive coils can support just about any body type. Plus, the Hush sleeps cooler than other mattresses, keeping you comfortable in any season.

For more information, take a look at the Hush mattress on our website. You can find reviews from our customers and answers to common questions about the bed on our product page. Place an order and see for yourself why so many people love the Hush mattress!