Don’t Have A Weighted Blanket? Here’s Why You Need One Today

Don’t Have A Weighted Blanket? Here’s Why You Need One Today

The world had high hopes for 2020: a year of clarity and vision, of reflection and forward-moving action. Instead, 2020 delivered a global pandemic brimming with stress and anxiety.

Do you know someone who caught COVID-19? (If you have it, we wish you a swift and full recovery!) You probably know others who lost their jobs, had their weekly rhythms interrupted, or who have been shut in their house for weeks on end. Flights are limited, schools are void of children, and all high-fives have ceased.

What else did the pandemic bring? Anxiety. Stress. Worry. Fear.

Those emotions are the incidental product of a life disrupted by a global virus, and everyone is experiencing those things to some degree. Unfortunately, those byproducts produce even more byproducts:

  • Physical symptoms like fatigue, headaches or migraines, muscle tension, or increased blood pressure.
  • Sleepless nights of insomnia, tossing-and-turning, restlessness, and fidgeting.
  • A mind that never shuts down due to ruminating thoughts, plaguing fears, and brain activity that isn’t cured by counting sheep.

Experienced a few of those symptoms lately? Me too.

When I think about gathering with my family and friends again, my anxiety spikes. (Do they have the virus? Will I catch it from them? Am I an asymptomatic case? Will I pass it to them?)

When I look at my dwindling bank account, stress creeps in. (Will I get back to work soon? How long can I live off of savings?)

When I think about the future, I’m fearful that things will never be the same again. (Can my kids go back to school? Will I use public transportation? Can we take a family vacation?)

When I talk to my parents, I always worry that they will die before I can say goodbye. (What if they get hospitalized? What if I can’t be by their side?)

Our minds swirl with concerns 24 hours a day—all day and night long.

Now, more than ever, we need to help to cope. We need to acknowledge our anxiety, express our fears, share our worries, and seek professional help when we can’t function day-to-day.

If allowed, stress and anxiety will indefinitely dock in the harbor of our mind—and they are not welcome there. Let’s turn away those ships of worry and fear, and invite in the boats of joy and gratitude.

This pandemic is swarming your harbor with anxiety, stress, worry, and fear—which is exactly why you need a weighted blanket. Those emotions are going to stick around as we transition into the next phase of opening up. And they will still be there months from now. But a weighted blanket is like a Comfort Cruise Ship or Relaxing Row boat.

Who wants those unwelcome byproducts of a pandemic when you can have the benefits of a weighted blanket instead?

The Best Tool for Anxiety, Stress, Worry, and Fear

Question: Is there one tool that can effectively alleviate my anxiety, stress, worry, and fear? (And why have I never heard of it before?)

Answer: Yes, a weighted blanket. If you’re experiencing those symptoms (which are likely in the middle of this pandemic), right now is the perfect time to learn about weighted blankets.

Looking to de-stress, reduce your worries, and lessen your fears? Here’s one of the best tools for relief: a weighted blanket.

Don’t worry, I’m not a pesky salesman knocking on your door during dinnertime or the persistent host of late-night infomercial. I face the same anxious troubles as you—and I’ve found a simple, natural, and trustworthy solution. In fact, even the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists recommends this tool.

The Scientific Benefits of a Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is exactly what you think it is: a blanket filled with evenly distributed granules which make it weigh more than a typical blanket.

This duvet is not your grandmother’s quilt or your child’s special blankie. It’s not as heavy as a tree trunk or as harsh as sandpaper.

  • A weighted blanket from Hush Blankets is the best quality microfiber duvet that you will find.
  • The flexible non-toxic glass sand inside our weighted blankets is evenly distributed so that it will adjust to your body. Get into any comfortable position and the blanket will naturally form around you.
  • The gentle pressure hugs your body with comfort and causes your anxious fears to be replaced by a gentle wave of calm.

Are you already envisioning yourself in such a splendid state of relaxation? Me too!

However, you want more than just a blanket. You want a weighted blanket because of the amazing benefits it provides:

Learn How to Use Your Weighted Blanket (With Only 3 Steps!)

When you lie awake tonight in bed, will you reconsider the benefits of a weighted blanket? Or perhaps when you watch the evening news (or read pandemic news online) and anxiety tightens your chest? Or maybe when you’re going about normal life and worry creeps in like an eerie fog?

Cancel that doctor’s appointment. Pass on the pricey prescriptions. No need for homemade remedies. A weighted blanket provides comparable—if not better—results, especially if your symptoms are directly related to a specific event (like a worldwide epidemic).

  1. Purchase a weighted blanket that is approximately ten percent of your body weight. In between weights? Round up. Our Hush Blankets selection has a weighted blanket for every scenario:
  2. Time to cuddle up.
    • Get comfortable.
    • Put your weighted blanket on top of you.
    • Relax, de-stress. Feel the calm. Sleep in peace.
  3. Thanks to a good night’s sleep, you will wake up refreshed and ready to tackle your day!

Why You Need a Weighted Blanket TODAY

Covid-19 has rolled across the globe like an unrelenting hurricane, impacting everything in its path: work, health, school, holidays, play, family, relationships, etc. The winds of the hurricane will eventually retreat, and so will this virus. But it won’t be forgotten, and it’s mark won’t disappear quickly.

We are still in the middle of this pandemic. And a weighted blanket will help you cope during this season.

  • You need a steady hug when anxiety strikes.
  • You deserve comfort in the midst of chaos.
  • You want to organically relax your mind and body.
  • You require a solid night of sleep and energy to face tomorrow.

When anxiety swirls through your chest, slide under your blanket. Read the news from your safe space beneath a weighted blanket. Take a few deep breaths first thing in the morning before you slip out of bed. When the stress of life is heavier than you can bear, cope with a weighted blanket.

Why You Need a Weighted Blanket TOMORROW

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Flying cars? More plagues? Aliens? Maybe the end of this season is just down the road, but what if it’s years away? Some scholars believe this pandemic is almost over while others predict that it’s just getting started. Weather the season (and whatever it brings) under a weighted blanket.

There is no ultimate cure to wipe out your anxiety or squash your fears—although we will let you know if we discover one! Talking to a trusted friend helps. Sharing your struggles with a loved one is also beneficial. We even recommend meeting with a counselor.

But instead of descending into the sinking sand of your anxiety, stress, worry, and fears, lay under the perfectly balanced sand of a Hush Blanket.

Everything seems uncertain right now, but there is one thing you can be certain about: you need a weighted blanket now more than ever. Try the Hush Classic today.