The 11 Best Luxury Sheets: 2023

Charcoal gray sheet set

Luxury bedding is one of those seemingly tiny indulgences that make a massive difference. Sleeping soundly and then awakening to the gentle touch of feather-soft sheets leaves you feeling like royalty. But finding the perfect luxury sheets is a challenge nowadays, since fancy photography and slick web design can make even mediocre sheets look high-end. Where can Canadians go for luxury sheets that feel truly decadent?

We had the same question a few years back. That's why we designed our own luxury sheet set, the Hush Iced 2.0 bamboo cooling sheets. In the process, we sampled hundreds of different combinations of weaves, fabrics, and finishes. We visited fields and factories to watch textile crops being grown, harvested, and woven into sheets. And we learned a ton about what makes genuine luxury sheets special.

Based on that knowledge, we feel confident in recommending the following 11 sheet sets to anyone craving elegance and comfort. Without further ado, we present the best luxury sheets available.

The Best Luxury Sheets: Hush Bamboo Sheets

Person sleeping under cream-colored sheets

When we designed our bamboo bed sheets, our goal was to create the most luxurious sheets we'd ever slept in. We think we succeeded. What makes the Hush Iced 2.0 sheets so special?

First, there's the quality of the materials. We take sourcing seriously, to the point that we'll only buy bamboo harvested during the cooler months of the year, when the fibers are strongest. That's why Hush bamboo sheets don't pill — they stay as smooth as glass, night after night after night. And since we know how eco-conscious many of our customers are, we use only organic bamboo that's OEKO-TEX certified to be free of chemical toxins.

We enhance the natural silkiness of our bamboo with powerful graphite rollers that press out any tiny bumps and protruding ends in the threads. This makes our bedding even more lustrous and soft than ordinary bamboo sheets. And our bamboo sheet set will also help your skin breathe, letting body heat and sweat diffuse into the night air. That’s partly due to bamboo’s natural cooling power, and partly because our unique Iced fabric finish draws heat away from your body.

Hush sheets fit your bed like a glove. Our fitted sheet has extra-deep pockets, ensuring it can wrap around even the thickest bed-in-a-box mattresses. It also sports thick elastic harnesses at the corners to keep it snuggled firmly in place. Some bamboo sheet sets have problems with the fitted sheets coming loose due to bamboo’s sleek texture, but that won't happen with our bedding.

This luxurious bedding is available for a very reasonable price compared to most other high-end sheets. Our complete sheet set — including a flat sheet as well as a fitted sheet and two pillowcases — is available for just $169. That might sound like a lot for bedding, but as you'll see below, upscale sheets tend to go for upscale prices. Ours are quite affordable for luxury sheets and you won't pay a shipping charge.

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Super-Soft Egyptian Cotton: Kotn Sheet Set

Gray sheet and pillowcases on bed

To many shoppers, Egyptian cotton is practically a synonym for "quality sheets." It's a type of long-staple cotton with slender fibers that allow for a tight, soft weave. The Kotn sheet set puts this luxury fabric's properties to good use, with a 400-thread count weave that feels delightfully soft on your skin. Part of what makes them so great is the attention to every little detail, like the envelope-style tabs on the pillowcases or the deep pockets on the fitted sheet.

Like Hush, Kotn is a Canadian company committed to maintaining an ethical and transparent supply chain. They buy their raw materials directly from small Egyptian cotton farmers and ensure that their sheets are up to OEKO-TEX standards for chemical-free bedding. Cotton isn't the most eco-friendly crop, due to its substantial water and fertilizer requirements, but Kotn tries to make up for that by using recycled material for packaging.

Keep in mind that Kotn’s standard set includes only a fitted sheet and two pillowcases, so you'll have to buy the flat sheet separately. And even Egyptian cotton won't do as much to keep you cool as a fabric like bamboo, so hot sleepers may want to consider other options.

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Breathable, Luxurious Linen: Cultiver Linen Sheet Set

Cream-colored linen sheets with red-brown stripes

Hot sleepers looking for breathable sheets may want to consider linen, which is porous and usually made with a loose weave that allows for lots of airflow. In our opinion, the best linen sheets for Canadians come from Cultiver. They're breezy, beautifully stitched, and provide a nice balance between crispness and softness. Cultiver also sells them in an unusually wide range of colors and styles, including some striped options with gorgeous detailing.

Linen sheets are fairly rough compared to bamboo or Egyptian cotton, but Cultiver's bed sheets are still softer than most, and they'll only get softer the more you wash them. They're a good pick if you want comfortable sheets with a more textured feel.

A few customers did report that their Cultiver linen sheets wore thin fairly quickly. This could be a result of the pre-washing process designed to make the bedding softer out of the box — softening treatments can sometimes weaken the normally durable fibers. One other thing to be aware of is that the flat sheet is one-size-fits-all, so it may seem a little oversized if you're in a Queen bed.

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Glossy Mulberry Silk: LilySilk 25 mm Bedding Set

Bed with teal silk sheets

If you crave the creamy softness of silk, these luxury sheets from LilySilk might be what you're looking for. Connoisseurs of quality textiles know that mulberry silk, produced by the caterpillars of the Bombyx mori silk moth, is the softest and strongest variety. That's what LilySilk uses to produce these thoroughly indulgent sheets.

The density of silk sheets is measured with a number called "momme weight" (mm) rather than thread count, and LilySilk offers a few choices. We're focusing here on their 25-momme sheet set, which is near the upper end of both softness and durability for silk bedding. That means that while these sheets have an incredibly delicate touch, they'll also stand up to wear and tear better than typical silk sheets.

Silk bedding does have its drawbacks. It's not nearly as breathable as bamboo, and 25-momme silk is much heavier than any bamboo sheet, so it might make you sweat a lot if you sleep hot.

Silk is also far and away the costliest textile commonly used for bedding. A Queen set from LilySilk will cost over $1350; if you include a duvet cover, it's more than $2200. But if you're willing to pay a premium for top-quality silk sheets, these are worth a look.

Shop LilySilk sheets here

Cooling Lyocell: Casper Hyperlite Sheet Set

Stack of dark gray sheets and pillows

Here's another nice sheet set for the hot sleepers out there. Casper's bed sheets are made of Tencel, a fabric that's similar in many ways to bamboo sheets except that it's derived from eucalyptus trees. The main difference is that the manufacturing process recycles the chemicals involved, making it more eco-conscious than some types of bamboo fabric.

Casper's Hyperlite sheet set ranks among the best cooling sheets. Tencel is naturally breathable, and these sheets also have a unique crosshatched weave that leaves lots of small outlets for hot air. They have a silky feel that's a lot like bamboo sheets (though they lack the pressed-smooth finish of Hush bedding).

We do have some concerns about the durability of the Hyperlite sheet set. The fabric is thin to the point of being see-through, suggesting that it might snag and tear easily. There aren't a lot of customer reviews of these sheets available, so you'll have to decide whether they're worth the gamble. That said, Casper does give you 100 nights to test them out.

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Smooth Cotton Sateen: Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

Bed with blue-and-white patterned sheets

Lots of cotton sheets employ a one-over, one-under percale weave, giving them a crisp feel that reminds many people of hotel sheets. The Luxe Core sheets from Brooklinen have a sateen weave instead. This gives them more of a sheer, slinky feel. Brooklinen's sateen sheets are luxuriously soft, conforming to your curves as though they were poured over you.

They're also machine-washable, OEKO-TEX certified, and fairly wrinkle-resistant. And in addition to your typical grays and off-whites, Brooklinen offers them in a few fun patterns like the one pictured above.

As with all cotton sheets, there's a trade-off between smoothness and breathability. With a thread count of 480, the Luxe Core sheet set is softer than most, but also denser and heavier. We wouldn't recommend them for hot sleepers or anyone who tends to feel smothered by clingy sheets. But if you don't mind slightly weightier sheets, Brooklinen's bedding might suit you.

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Organic Cotton and Tencel: Tuck Classic Sheet Set

Light gray bed sheets and pillows

Tuck is a Canadian company that aims to pair luxury and sustainability. Their Classic sheet set combines two different earth-friendly fabrics. The first is cotton grown according to the rigorous global organic textile standard. The second is Tencel, the eucalyptus-based fabric we discussed above.

This creates a texture somewhere between the glossy softness of eucalyptus sheets and the coziness of your favorite cotton shirt. If neither fabric hits the sweet spot for you on its own, you might appreciate the Tuck sheet set.

Just be aware that there are some tradeoffs. For example, the long-lasting durability of Tencel will be lessened by blending it with cotton, so you may experience some pilling. Eucalyptus sheets also don't release moisture as well as bamboo, so the Hush Iced sheets may be preferable for those prone to night sweats.

Shop Tuck sheets here

Budget-Friendly Organic Cotton: Endy Sheets

Light blue sheets and pillowcases on beds

Normally, organic cotton sheets come at a noticeable markup. Not so with the Endy sheet set, the least expensive option on our list. You'll only need to pay $125 for a Queen-sized set.

Despite the budget price, they feel quite comfy due to their tight sateen weave. The sizable fitted sheet will stretch to fit even thick mattresses, and many customers noted that the elastic is unusually strong, helping it stay locked in place.

That said, you're likely not getting the very best organic cotton with these sheets. Endy doesn't specify the variety used, but we're betting that if it was long-staple Egyptian cotton, they'd make it clear. The thread count of 300 also suggests they're not as soft or durable as the Brooklinen sateen sheets. But bargain hunters who like organic cotton bedding might appreciate the value you get with Endy sheets.

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Egyptian Cotton And Bamboo: Simons Touch of Bamboo Sheet Set

Bed with white sheets and a white vase filled with fresh flowers on the side table.

Do you love the cooling properties of bamboo, but not its buttery smoothness? These luxury sheets from Canadian fashion brand Simons blend bamboo with Egyptian cotton to create a more crisp feel. This 50/50 mix won't be as durable or as good for hot sleepers as pure bamboo, but it's a nice middle ground for those who like aspects of both fabrics. Most of the customer reviews emphasize how soft and comfortable these sheets felt.

The size, color, and price options are a little confusing, though. Some colors are available only in Twin or King sizes, others include Double and Queen sets. The base prices for different colors also vary quite a bit, and they're found on different pages within the website. Be prepared to hunt around a bit for the cost and color you prefer.

Shop Simons sheets here

Lightweight, Colorful Silk: Slipintosoft 19 mm Silk Bedding Set

Bed with red silk sheets

What if you like the feel of silk sheets, but the LilySilk set above is a little too heavy for you? In that case, you might want to look into this sheet set from Slipintosoft. It has a momme weight of 19, which is on the thinner side, but still considered high-end silk. The sheets are still whisper-soft, but they're less likely to leave you feeling smothered.

Another advantage is that Slipintosoft offers 18 different color choices to let you show off the glimmer of your silk bedding. You can also opt for a set that swaps out the flat sheet for a duvet cover.

As always with mulberry silk sheets, you can expect to pay a substantial amount. The Queen size sheet set costs approximately $579. That's quite a bit more affordable than the LilySilk set above, though the thinner silk is likely a bit less durable.

Shop Slipintosoft sheets here

Organic Belgian Linen: Linoto Organic Linen Sheet Set

Stack of white and gray linen sheets

Flax, the plant used to make linen, is quite sustainable compared to most textile crops. But very little of the world's linen is grown to fully organic standards. These sheets from Linoto are an exception. They're grown with zero pesticides, and the fibers are extracted without harsh chemicals, through a natural process called "dew-retting" that's almost as old as human civilization.

In addition to being great for eco-conscious buyers, Linoto sheets are gently softened through garment washing, rather than stone washing or another harsh method that could weaken the fibers. They’ll arrive with a lived-in softness, but should still last for years.

Since they're committed to using no chemical dyes, Linoto only offers these sheets in brown and ivory. And like most high-quality linen sheets, they're expensive. But if you're after the most earth-friendly linen bedding you can find, the Linoto sheet set is a strong contender,

Shop Linoto sheets here

Are Luxury Sheets Worth it?

Closeup of gray top sheet

After seeing some of the prices above, you might be having second thoughts about springing for luxury sheets. Can you really justify the expense?

In the end, your budget is up to you, but we think it's almost always worth it to pay a little extra for a great night's rest. Sleep hygiene is one of the most impactful forms of self-care. Even the most stressful days are easier to bounce back from if you can count on your bed being a place of total comfort. And the difference between luxuriously soft sheets and bargain-bin bedding is immediately noticeable.

Besides, high-end sheets don’t need to be replaced nearly as often as cheap ones. Going for the most affordable option may not save you as much money in the long run as you might think.

What Types of Sheets Are The Most Luxurious?

Woman sleeping soundly under dark blue sheets

The sheet sets we covered above include several very different types of fabric, and you may be feeling a little lost about how to choose. What's the best material for bed sheets if you want to sleep in true luxury?

This question is tough to answer definitively, because luxury can mean different things to different people. Let's look at a few of the various high-quality materials that can be used for textiles and talk about their pros and cons.

Long-Staple Cotton

Long-staple cotton has much slimmer, longer fibers than ordinary cotton. You don't have to twist as many of them together to make a single thread, and there aren't as many loose ends dragging against your skin.

Long-staple cotton sheets feel both softer and cooler than standard cotton as a result. The two most prominent varieties are Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton, both of which make excellent luxury sheets.

Even the best cotton still has a rougher texture than fabrics like bamboo. This isn't necessarily a bad thing — some people find ultra-smooth fabrics "slippery" and uncomfortable, preferring the "crisp" feel of high-quality cotton. If your favorite bedding is the kind you find in fancy hotels, you may want long-staple Egyptian cotton sheets.

French or Belgian Linen

For many people, linen clothing is the go-to choice for summer wear — and linen sheets are the go-to choice for summer sleep. This fabric is extremely breezy and durable, though it tends to be heavier than modern cooling fabrics like bamboo and Tencel.

Linen can feel a bit scratchy when it's brand new, but it softens up as you wash it, and it can be very cozy when it's "broken in."  It offers a classic elegance for those who'd rather sleep like a medieval baron than a modern-day millionaire.

The best linen sheets tend to come from Belgium or France. These regions have the ideal climate for growing strong, supple flax, as well as centuries’ worth of know-how in processing and weaving linen.

Mulberry Silk

Silk has been prized as a luxury fabric for thousands of years, and it's easy to see why. The gossamer-thin fibers make for a shiny, sleek, and lusciously smooth fabric. Silk sheets are so glossy that they feel almost like a liquid rather than a solid.

However, those hair-thin fibers are easy to break, so silk sheets aren't always very durable. They also don't let much air through, making them ill-suited to hot sleepers. And, of course, they're costlier than most other options. But they're a great luxury choice for those who crave softness above all else.

Eucalyptus Tencel

This fabric is made by processing cellulose from eucalyptus pulp into thin, porous fibers and weaving them together. It offers good airflow, which can be nice for hot sleepers, and it's also surprisingly soft considering it starts out as wood! Tencel also gets some credit for being eco-friendly, since eucalyptus can be grown very sustainably, and the manufacturing process recycles most of the chemicals involved.

The quality of Tencel sheets may be very different depending on who's making them, though. Some have durability issues that seriously limit their working lifespan. Tencel also tends to retain a lot of moisture, which may lead to mold and musty odors if you don't care for it properly. Still, if you like feather-light sheets that keep you cool all night, Tencel bedding may be good for you.

Bamboo Viscose

Like Tencel, bamboo viscose is made from a highly sustainable crop. Bamboo grows with very little water and no need for pesticides and fertilizer, soaking up tons of carbon. The way it’s extracted and processed is slightly different from Tencel, but the resulting fabrics are quite similar.

Bamboo viscose is unbelievably silky and soft, and since it’s so porous, it’s excellent at dispersing heat. It’s also even better at wicking away sweat than Tencel. And it resists breaking and pilling better than almost all other fabrics.

Bamboo viscose sheets may not be for everyone — some people find their smoothness off-putting. They’re fantastic for those who deal with frequent night sweats and have trouble cooling off, though. And they offer an unbeatable combination of lightness and softness.

What Are The Best Quality Luxury Sheets?

Though all of the sheets on our list will let you slumber in comfort and style, we’re confident that the best choice is a set of our Hush bamboo sheets. In addition to the typical benefits of bamboo sheets, they’ve been made with our innovative Iced finish, leaving them fantastically soft and cool to the touch. And our dedication to sourcing quality bamboo means they’ll last for years to come. Visit our website to start your 100-night trial and learn what it truly means to sleep in luxury.