The Best Sheets For Purple Mattress Users

Mattress with navy blue Hush Iced sheets and pillows.

Your Purple mattress is engineered for flexibility and coolness, but can you say the same about your sheets? There's no point in shelling out for a high-end mattress if you’re going to negate its unique benefits by using inferior bedding. If you want to get the most out of your Purple mattress, sheets made of high-quality materials are a must. This article will profile the best sheets for the job, based on breathability, durability, and overall comfort.

Some readers may be wondering if their choice of bed sheets will really make that much difference. The answer is yes. Bedding quality can vary enormously, and manufacturers use all kinds of gimmicks to pass off dense, scratchy, pilling-prone sheets as luxury products. We know all the tricks — because we made a conscious choice to avoid them when designing our own premium bed sheets. We'll show you how industry insiders shop for bedding as we identify the best sheets for Purple mattress sleepers.

Why Do You Need Special Sheets For Purple Mattresses?

Hands pressing on a purple gel grid

Strictly speaking, you don't need to tailor your sheets for a Purple mattress. However, this bed has some distinctive features that are worth considering when picking out bedding.

The first and most important of those unique features is the flexible foam grid that makes up the top layer. It's designed to bend under your body's main pressure points, creating some give in the places that feel the least comfortable on an overly firm bed. The waffle-shaped design also leaves lots of gaps for airflow, making it cooler than a memory foam mattress.

Unfortunately, buying sheets woven from dense, clingy material will counteract this effect. The hot air around your body will be trapped by the fitted sheet instead of flowing out and away through the Purple grid.

That heat retention is particularly aggravating for those prone to overheating and night sweats, but sleep research suggests that even average sleepers can’t get as much rest when temperatures are too high. That’s a great reason to buy a temperature-regulating Purple mattress, but you need to pair it with cooling sheets to get the full effect.

Purple mattresses also work best with reasonably flexible sheets. The bed is designed to conform to your body for comfort, which doesn't work as well if the fitted sheet is too tight and stiff. You should avoid rigid fibers like linen and polyester in favor of more supple fabrics. Natural materials like bamboo, silk, or cotton sheets are all good options, as are stretchy synthetic fabrics like elastane or spandex.

One other consideration is pocket depth, which refers to the maximum mattress height that a fitted sheet can stretch to cover. This is rarely an issue for old-school mattresses with separate box springs. However, the Purple mattress is a one-piece mattress made of several thick layers of gel and foam. These beds range from 7 to 13 inches in height, so Purple mattress sheets need deep pockets to fit properly.

Which sheets fit these requirements best? The company behind the Purple mattress also sells specialized sheets to fit it. But just because they're made by the same company doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the right sheets for your bed. We’ll compare the official Purple brand sheets with several other choices below to help you choose the ones that will help you sleep best.

The Best Purple Sheets Alternative: Hush Iced 2.0

Set of cream-colored Hush Iced bed sheets

Yes, we think our own sheets will work better than the ones from the Purple mattress designers. And we think you’ll agree once you’ve heard what we have to say. Here’s what makes the Hush Iced set the best Purple mattress sheets:

Cooling Bamboo Fabric

Hush Iced Sheets in light blue color draped over a sleeping person.

Hush sheets are made entirely from bamboo viscose. This highly breathable material is derived from the bamboo plant, and it’s filled with microscopic pores that let hot air escape instead of building up under your bedding. Bamboo sheets also wick moisture away from your skin, assisting your body's natural cooling process while keeping you from getting sweaty. That's why they're much better for hot sleepers than most other types of bedding.

This cooling ability makes bamboo sheets an ideal choice for the Purple mattress, since they won't stifle the airflow created by the gel grid. For what it's worth, the makers of the Purple mattress appear to agree, since their Purple Softstretch sheets are made mostly of bamboo viscose (though not entirely — more on this below).

Incredible Softness

Woman sleeping peacefully in gray Hush Sheets

Bamboo viscose is also naturally soft thanks to its long, smooth fibers. When woven into bedding, it has a silky texture that feels gentle and cool on your skin. Because of this property, bamboo sheets can be much softer than cotton with a much lower thread count. This makes them quite lightweight, another bonus for anyone who sometimes feels smothered by their bedding.

We take the natural softness of bamboo to the next level by putting our sheets through a specialized finishing process. The fabric is pressed between powerful graphite rollers designed to even out any tiny prickles and bumps. This leaves the Iced 2.0 sheets unbelievably smooth, helping to maximize the comfort of the responsive Purple grid.

Durable, Flexible Sheets

Charcoal-colored Hush Iced fitted sheet with "Head" tag.

Another benefit of bamboo sheets is their resistance to wear and tear. The durable cellulose fibers can stretch, twist, and rub against rough surfaces with little risk of snapping and bunching up. That's why bedding made of bamboo lasts much longer than materials like cotton or polyester.

At Hush, we go out of our way to source only the strongest bamboo-derived viscose. We're so serious about this that we refuse to buy our materials during the summer, because bamboo fibers are slightly weaker when woven in hot weather. That's why our sheets score a perfect 5/5 on tests of pilling resistance.

Though there are stretchier fabrics out there, bamboo viscose has plenty of give. When your Purple mattress flexes to cradle the boniest parts of your body, your Hush sheets will flex right along with it.

We’ve also made sure these sheets fit easily onto your bed and stay there. The 16-inch deep pockets on the fitted sheet will stretch to cover even the thickest Purple mattress. Discreet tags identify the "head" and "foot" of the fitted sheet so you don’t have to guess which end goes where. Once on the bed, the bottom sheet won’t slide or shift, since the corners have sturdy elastic anchors to hold them in place.

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The Manufacturer's Choice: Purple Bed Sheets

Stack of sheets in various colors

Though we think Hush sheets are the #1 choice for Purple mattresses, there's still a lot to like about Purple's own bed sheets. Let's examine the pros and cons.

Purple Complete Comfort Sheet Set

Woman in bed with white sheet.

Purple sheets come in two varieties. The first is the Purple Complete Comfort Sheet Set, which includes a flat sheet and two pillowcases made entirely of cotton, plus a fitted sheet that's a blend of cotton and a small amount of spandex. The added stretchiness of the spandex helps the fitted sheet conform to the Purple grid, helping you get the most pressure relief from the mattress.

The downside is that cotton sheets aren't always great at helping you sleep cool. The fibers can be somewhat dense and heavy, depending on the weave of the sheets and the variety of cotton used. Based on the high number of customer reviews complaining that these Purple sheets feel scratchy and stuffy, we suspect they're made with inferior short-staple cotton. This material isn't particularly soft, nor will it help hot sleepers keep cool at night.

One point in favor of these sheets is that they're less expensive than the other options on our list. The base price for a Queen-sized set of the Complete Comfort sheets is $129, which is a decent value for shoppers who need to watch their wallets.

Purple SoftStretch Sheet Set

Smiling woman in bed with purple sheets.

Purple also sells a more high-end set called Purple SoftStretch Sheets. Instead of cotton, they're made with bamboo viscose. Everything we said above about bamboo applies to these sheets as well — they're cooler, softer, and longer-lasting than cotton. That's probably why the SoftStretch sheets are pricier than the Complete Comfort line, with a Queen set going for $189.

Our main criticism of the Purple SoftStretch Sheets is that they don't have enough bamboo. The company has opted for a blend of 63% bamboo viscose, 27% polyester, and 10% spandex. We assume the spandex is included because Purple wanted extra-stretchy sheets to match its extra-flexible mattress. That's understandable, although in our view, bamboo sheets are already so flexible that only the most sensitive sleepers will notice the difference.

Adding polyester to the mix is harder to understand. It may simply be a cost-cutting measure — synthetic fabrics like polyester are generally cheaper than those derived from natural materials. The tradeoff is that polyester is clingier and far less breathable than bamboo, which works against the airflow ability of the Purple mattress.

Polyester also isn’t as durable as bamboo, which likely explains why many customer reviews reported issues with the sheets ripping, pilling, or fading. Some also mentioned that the flat sheet wraps too tightly around them, making them feel a little suffocated. Still, if you prefer to pair your Purple mattress with Purple bed sheets, the superior cooling power and softness of its bamboo fabric makes the SoftStretch line your best choice.

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The Celebrity Pick: Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

Bed with white sheets and pillowcases

Few bamboo sheets have received as much media attention as this set from Cozy Earth. These sheets rocketed to fame when Oprah listed them as one of her Favorite Things. But how do they compare with Purple sheets as a bedding choice for the Purple mattress?

For one thing, they're noticeably more comfortable. This is one factor that comes up again and again in customer reviews: Cozy Earth's sheets have a buttery softness that feels great on the average sleeper's skin. When Oprah pulled these sheets into the spotlight, she described them as “the softest ever.” That might be a bit of an overstatement, but it gives you a sense of how people react to this bedding.

They’re not as great when it comes to durability. Though Cozy Earth claims their bedding has an "enhanced weave" to prevent pilling, we found a number of complaints from customers whose sheets began to feel bumpy after just a few wash cycles. The good news is that their customer service seems to be fairly good about offering replacements in these cases.

Off-white sheet being draped over bed

Cozy Earth sheets have extra-deep 20-inch pockets, so they should wrap easily around any and all Purple mattresses. That said, we wouldn't recommend these sheets if you move around a lot in your sleep. They lack the elastic corner straps that help keep Hush and Purple bed sheets locked in place, and their glossy texture means they slip loose more easily.

One other drawback is the cost. The standard price for a Queen-sized set of Cozy Earth bamboo sheets is $360, which is more than twice what we charge for the Hush sheets ($139). But if you're okay spending a little extra for super-soft sheets with a celebrity pedigree, this brand might be right up your alley. Make sure to read up on the best way to wash bamboo sheets to help extend their lifespan.

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The Stylish Alternative: Layla Bamboo Sheets

Woman lying on bed with white sheets.

Comfort is most people's first concern when buying sheets, but there's also something to be said for visual appeal. We love the look of Layla's flat sheet and pillowcases, which feature a bold stripe of contrasting color along the main seams. This look works well with the glossy texture of bamboo bedding, giving it a bit of modernist flair. Layla sheets are available in bright white with dark gray accents or gray with white trim.

Though the look is what made these sheets stand out to us, they’ll also perform reasonably well when paired with Purple mattresses. They're made completely from bamboo viscose, giving them good breathability and flexibility to complement your cooling, form-fitting bed. The Layla fitted sheet has slightly shallower pockets than the others we've looked at, but it should still be large enough to wrap around any variety of Purple mattress.

White and gray bed sheets

There are some downsides, however. The Layla bamboo sheets are more prone to pilling and tearing than our Hush bedding. Some users also found that the fitted sheet tended to stretch out, leaving it a bit wrinkled and saggy. The good news is that the company offers a 5-year warranty, so you may be able to get a replacement or a refund if you're not satisfied.

Another potential issue is that Layla doesn't mention whether their sheets are made from organic bamboo. And unlike Hush and Cozy Earth, they're not OEKO-TEX certified as free of harmful chemicals. That's a bit concerning since some methods of producing bamboo viscose employ harsh products that you might not want on your sheets. Without more information about their sourcing, it's hard to be certain how gentle Layla's bedding will be on your skin.

The Layla bamboo sheets are in the middle of the pack when it comes to price. A Queen-sized set starts at $189 — that's pricier than the Hush sheets or the Purple Complete Comfort set, but cheaper than the Cozy Earth and Purple SoftStretch sheets.

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The Crisp Cotton Option: Parachute Percale Sheet Set

Bed with white sheets

While we think that bamboo fabric makes the best sheets for Purple mattresses for all the reasons outlined above, we know not everyone will agree. Some people find the super-smooth texture of bamboo sheets a little too slick. If that sounds like you, we recommend trying these Egyptian cotton sheets from Parachute.

What do we like about them? First, they're made with a loose, light, and breathable percale weave. This gives them better airflow than most cotton sheets, making them a good match for the well-ventilated Purple mattress.

As with most sheets made of natural materials, they also have some inherent flexibility, helping them drape well over your mattress as it adjusts to your body. Since they use high-quality long staple cotton, the Parachute sheets are soft to the touch but have a crisper feel than bamboo.

Clay-colored sheets on bed

One other nice thing about Parachute sheets is that their production and shipping is carbon-neutral. They're also OEKO-TEX certified, so like Hush sheets, they're guaranteed to contain no potentially harmful chemicals.

Remember that even luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets will feel a bit hot compared to bamboo sheets. They're okay for people who only need a little bit of temperature regulation, but for truly hot sleepers, bamboo is better. Cotton sheets also typically wear out somewhat faster than bamboo. If you're okay with those tradeoffs in exchange for the crispness of cotton, Parachute percale sheets are a good match for your Purple mattress.

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Choosing Sheets For Your Purple Mattress

Navy blue Hush Iced sheets and pillowcases

There are pros and cons with any set of bed sheets. When you're picking out bedding for your Purple mattress, you'll just have to decide which factors matter most to you. Do you prefer the ultra-stretchy Purple sheets? Are you craving the crisp feel of Parachute percale? Does the stylish look of Layla's sheets speak to you?

We think most customers will be happiest with our luxurious sheets. Since they're made completely from premium-quality bamboo viscose, they'll help you maximize the coolness and comfort that a Purple mattress offers. And their deep pockets, elastic straps, and natural flexibility ensure that they'll fit any bed in Purple's line. Head to our product page to kick off your 100-night sleep trial with a brand-new set of Hush sheets.