Endy vs Casper: Who Has the Best Mattress?

woman sleeping on bed facing windows

woman sleeping on bed facing windows

The Casper mattress kicked off the bed-in-a-box craze. But their newer rival Endy is seeing a surge in popularity among Canadian customers. If you've been trying to decide between these mattress brands, you may feel stumped.

The problem is that both companies sound very similar when they talk about their beds. And mattress reviews aren't much more help. Once you've read a few, they all start to blur together.

Since you're shopping online, you can't test your options before you buy. So how can you tell which mattress will give you better sleep?

We're here to help. After years of crafting beds, sheets, and blankets, we're experts in what makes a good night's sleep. In this article, we'll give you an in-depth look at Endy vs Casper mattresses. We'll go through 5 key measures of quality and explain how each bed measures up. And we'll compare them both to our own Hush mattress.

Ready to put your confusion to bed? Let's find out which mattress is best for you.

Endy vs Casper - Breaking Down the Top Mattress Brands

Who are these companies, anyway? Let's start with Casper, the best-known internet mattress retailer. They created a soft all-foam mattress they could box up and ship right to the buyer's door. That convenience was a hit with customers.

Casper mattress in blue grey bedroom color scheme

Inspired by Casper's success, Endy launched their Canadian mattress brand in 2015. They offered a more affordable alternative to the Casper mattress. The Endy mattress was also a little softer. That made it great for smaller sleepers or those looking for more give. And it used Endy's open-cell Comfort Foam to offer more breathability than a memory foam mattress.

Couple relaxing on Endy mattress

Then there's Hush. That's us! Like Endy, we're a Canadian company, although we got our start making weighted blankets. But we kept hearing from our customers that they needed a better bed, too. When we looked into the options on the market, we realized they had a point.

Your typical online retailer sells a compressed mattress made of foam. Those things are soft and easy to ship. But they don't provide the same support as a spring mattress. And they often sleep hot. Our customers wanted a mattress that would keep them cool and support proper alignment.

Hush research and development process

That goal led to a year and a half of intense R&D. We literally tore apart competing mattresses looking for stuff to improve. And we went through several different manufacturers, looking for someone who met our quality standards.

We call the result the Hush Mattress. Its hybrid design gives you way better support than most mattresses in a box. But it's also soft and pillowy. And it has several layers of cooling technology to keep you from overheating while you sleep. Feel free to check out the Hush Mattress yourself before you read on. We'll wait.

smiling woman on Hush mattress

Now that you know who you're dealing with, it's time to look at how all three mattresses measure up.

#1: Support and Firmness

The first thing you notice when you flop down on a mattress is how firm it feels. For many people, this is the most important quality in a bed. How much support will you get from each of these mattresses?

woman relaxing on black bed

How Firm is the Endy Mattress?

The Endy Mattress has the most give out of all three flagship mattresses. Unfortunately, there's no industry standard measurement for this. But the Endy is just a little softer than average.

The Endy Comfort Foam won't swallow you like standard memory foam, but it's got a noticeable give. The Endy mattress is the best out of these three for those who like a bit of a hug from their bed. If you prefer a firmer feel, you should look at other options.

The Endy also sags a bit when you rest on the edges. This is a common issue with all-foam mattresses. There's no internal structure to prop up the sides. You might feel like you're sliding off when you roll near the edge of the bed.

How Firm is the Casper Mattress?

The Casper Original Mattress is slightly more rigid than the Endy. Both beds contain several foam layers, with the toughest at the bottom for support. But Casper's high-density support layer is thicker, so it will hold your weight with less give. It's a solid, medium-firm mattress.

The Casper mattress also has some zoned support sandwiched in the middle. That means it's denser where most sleepers will rest their hips and lower backs.

This helps you keep a good sleep posture. The average person's weight is concentrated at their core. That can make the middle of the body sink further into the bed. The extra support from the Casper mattress helps you stay level to reduce lower back strain.

Because the Casper uses firmer foam than the Endy mattress, it offers a little more edge support. You'll still feel it dip a bit if you go all the way to one side, though.

How Firm is Our Hush Mattress?

Since the Hush Mattress sits on a base of innerspring coils, it's a perfect blend of bounce and firmness. You'll never feel like our mattress is sagging under you. It's much better for support than an all-foam mattress.

high-density coils inside Hush mattress for unparalleled support

We've also taken zoned support to the next level. The springs in the middle of the mattress have a heavier gauge to stop your lower back from dipping. There are also thinner bands of heavy-duty springs below your knees and head, giving you just-right support.

This makes the Hush Mattress more supportive and more ergonomic. It's ideal for sleepers who struggle with back pain.

The Hush also provides better edge support than either the Endy or the Casper mattress. The springs are surrounded by a frame of sturdy polyfoam that won't dip when you sit on it. Those thick beams under the sides are great for edge support.

In the interest of fairness, we should note that Casper also has a few beds with coils. These include the Casper Hybrid, the Nova Hybrid, and the Wave Hybrid. They offer better firmness than the Casper Original mattress. However, even the cheapest one costs several hundred dollars more than the Hush.

#2: Pressure Relief

Even if you like your mattress firm at the base, you probably want it to have some softness at the top. This helps take the pressure off of protruding areas like shoulders, hips, knees, and elbows.

Almost everyone will appreciate a soft surface to rest on. But pressure relief is especially important for those who sleep on their side or stomach. These positions put more strain on certain body parts.

woman lying on white bed touching white pillow

How Is Endy's Pressure Relief?

The Endy Mattress has a soft, squishy feel to its upper layers. This gives a decent amount of pressure relief for back sleepers or average-weight side sleepers. But since it doesn't sink as deep as memory foam, it's also good for those who like to shift around into different sleep positions.

Side sleepers with bigger frames might be less comfortable on the Endy mattress. Lying on your side concentrates your weight, making you sink deeper into the squishy comfort layer. This can let your hips and shoulders would press against the stiffer support layer underneath. You might not notice the difference if you're average-weight or lighter, but heavier side sleepers may feel some pushback.

How Is Casper's Pressure Relief?

Casper mattresses have a pressure relief profile much like Endy's. Most sleepers will be very comfortable on their backs. The padding feels soft but supportive in that position.

Like the Endy, the Casper mattress is less than ideal for heavy side sleepers. The firm support foam under the hips feels nice when you're on your back. But it can be bit much on your side, especially if you have a larger frame.

If you want a Casper mattress that works for side sleepers of all sizes, you could try the Casper Wave Hybrid. Be prepared to pay a premium, though. It costs more than twice as much as the Hush hybrid mattress.

How Is Hush's Pressure Relief?

Back sleepers of all shapes and sizes will get a great night's rest on the Hush mattress. The pillowy foam top works together with the zoned support springs to make you feel like you're floating. But our mattress is also excellent for side sleepers, even those who are heavier than average.

woman showing different sleeping positions

The reason it's so versatile is the hybrid design. Our zoned support comes from springs, which have a better range of motion than foam. That means they can adjust to a greater range of weights.

So you won't feel a support layer digging into your hips when you shift to your side. Instead, the coils just compress a little more to compensate. But they'll still prop you up in key areas so you don't get bent out of shape.

And the cushioning at the top offers great pressure point relief. It gives way under the bonier parts of your body, giving you a feeling of soft, even support.

What about stomach sleeping? Most body types will find it comfortable on a Hush mattress. We do recommend finding an extra-firm bed if you're above 300 pounds and you like to sleep on your stomach. For everyone else, our sturdy springs provide plenty of core lift.

#3: Steadiness

Motion transfer is an important concern for couples. If your mattress wobbles too much, even tiny shifts from your sleep partner can wake you up. You want a mattress that insulates you from one another's movements.

couple covered up with white blanket on bed

How Steady is the Endy Mattress?

Motion isolation is one thing foam mattresses do very well. But the Endy mattress is good even by the standards of the bed-in-a-box industry. Several professional reviewers have praised this bed for its excellent stability.

Your sleep partner can toss and turn all they want. If you're on the Endy mattress, you won't notice.

How Steady is the Casper Mattress?

The Casper Original mattress also gets high marks for motion isolation. Some people find that it jiggles a bit more than the Endy mattress. The difference is small enough that most sleepers won't notice it. But if low motion transfer is your top priority, go with Endy over a Casper mattress.

How Steady is the Hush Mattress?

couple sleeping facing each other

Innerspring mattresses have a bad reputation when it comes to motion transfer. In older designs, the springs were all connected. Any pressure on one part of the bed would pull on every other spring.

The Hush mattress is different. Each coil sits in its own sheath, so they don't tug on each other when they press down. Our bed can go head-to-head with the Endy mattress when it comes to motion isolation. So you won't need to worry that you'll wake your partner when you get up for a midnight snack.

#4: Cooling

Feeling too hot in bed doesn't just make it harder to fall asleep. It also reduces the quality of your rest. Sleep researchers have shown that overheating can mess up your REM and deep sleep cycles. So you need to know if your mattress is going to make you sweat.

woman sleeping in a dark bedroom

How Cool is the Endy Mattress?

Overheating is a big challenge for foam mattresses. The dense, spongy material doesn't allow much airflow. With nowhere to escape, your body heat tends to build up around you.

The Endy mattress has a few tricks to fight this problem. The mattress cover has a very lightweight weave to allow some airflow. And the upper comfort layer is made of Endy's open-cell foam. This porous material is much more breathable than a memory foam bed.

Still, underneath all that is a pretty thick, dense layer of polyfoam. That stuff traps quite a bit of heat. If you're a hot sleeper, you'll probably find the Endy mattress a little stuffy.

How Cool is the Casper Mattress?

Casper takes roughly the same approach as the Endy mattress. The comfort layer closest to your body uses a pretty breathable foam. It's even perforated for added airflow. But again, you run into problems deeper down.

The second layer of the Casper bed is memory foam. This material is notoriously hot. The rigid support foam below that is a little more breathable, but it's still going to hold a lot of heat.

It's a toss-up between an Endy and a Casper mattress when it comes to cooling. Casper's hybrid beds do offer more cooling power than the Casper Original mattress. But as we noted above, they're quite pricy compared to the Hush.

How Cool is the Hush Mattress?

The Hush is much cooler than Casper or Endy mattresses. Part of that comes from its hybrid design. Instead of a solid chunk of foam, the bottom of the mattress is all open space except for the thin coils. That allows for a lot of air exchange to carry heat away.

What about the pillow top? Since it's made of foam, that's where you'd expect the most heat to build up. But the padding on the Hush mattress is built for cooling from top to bottom.

three-layer hybrid design of Hush mattress for cooler sleep

First, we fill the upper layer with phase change material. This space-age tech regulates your temperature by shifting between solid and liquid form. That top piece is also perforated to let air through. Underneath that is a layer of heat-wicking graphite.

The bottom layer of the pillow top is memory foam. But this isn't the hot, dense foam you're picturing. We filled it with tiny bubbles of gel that soak up heat to keep it from rising back up to your body.

These features all work together to keep you from overheating. The mattress cover is cool to the touch and stays that way all night long.

#5: Durability

Even an affordable mattress is a big investment. You want to know that it's going to last a long time. How well do these mattress materials hold up under constant use?

well-lit bedroom with stone wall design and full-length glass windows

How Durable is the Endy Mattress?

Endy mattresses are built better than the average all-foam bed. The high-density polyfoam base will stay sturdy for a while. Mattress experts estimate that it will hold up for around 7 or more years of regular use. You'll know your Endy mattress is nearing the end of its lifespan when it starts to sag in the middle.

How Durable is the Casper Mattress?

The Casper mattress uses materials very similar to the Endy's. As a result, it has a similar expected lifespan - about 7-8 years. The high-density foam in the support layer might even hold up a little longer.

How Durable is the Hush Mattress?

closer shot of Hush mattress

Because its sturdiness comes from heavy-gauge coils, the Hush is a highly durable mattress. We put each one together by hand, ensuring everything is lined up right and evenly stitched. You can get 10 or more good years out of a Hush mattress before you'll need a new bed.

Endy vs Casper vs Hush - Which Mattress is Right For You?

We know we've just thrown a lot of information at you - way more than most mattress reviews. In case you're feeling overwhelmed, we'll sum up what we've discussed.

Endy and Casper will both work pretty well for average-weight customers. The Endy mattress is a better fit for lightweight side sleepers. It's also more affordable and offers excellent motion isolation.

The Casper Original mattress works better for those who like a firmer bed. It has good edge support, and its varying density zones will help keep your back from sagging.

However, we think the Hush mattress will give the best sleep to the widest range of customers. It provides even better ergonomic support than the other two mattresses. And its responsive coils make it feel both soft and sturdy. The Hush mattress also helps hot sleepers stay cool through the night.

To learn more, you can check out the Hush mattress product page. Or start your 100-night sleep trial and try it for yourself! Whatever mattress you choose, we hope this article has brought you a little closer to a good night's sleep.