11 Stress Relief Gifts for Someone Who Needs To Take a Break

People exchanging gifts
People exchanging gifts

TLDR: These 11 stress relief gifts use scents, sounds, and movement to reduce anxiety while encouraging relaxation, whether you’re looking for a small “thinking of you” gift or something that will bring positive vibes for years to come.

Feeling stressed out? You're not alone. One-third of all adults report feeling "extreme stress" that interferes with their normal activities. Needless to say, many people could benefit from receiving a stress relief gift or two. With less stress and anxiety, it will be that much easier to get a good night's sleep that helps us rejuvenate and live life to the fullest. 

Whether you're in need of some self-care or looking for relaxation gifts for a sleep-deprived friend or loved one, the gift ideas on this list are sure to be the perfect gift for helping those you care about feel more relaxed.

1. Weighted Blanket

Stress relief gifts: Woman with a weighted blanket

Stress and anxiety can keep you up at night worrying about life's problems instead of getting a restful night’s sleep. This is where a Hush Weighted Blanket can make a big difference.

Weighted blankets provide what is known as deep touch pressure therapy — a gentle pressure that feels like you are being gently held or hugged. This soothing weight helps the body relax and release neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which eases anxiety and makes it easier to fall asleep. 

Adult blankets from Hush Blankets start at $179 USD/$239 CAD.

2. Five-Minute Journal

Stress relief gifts: Person journaling

When you feel stressed or anxious, small problems can seem insurmountable. This can make it hard to recognize the positive things you currently have in your life. The Five-Minute Journal is designed to help you realize all the positives in your life. The journal contains quick and easy writing prompts to help you focus on feelings of gratitude.

  • Priced at $24.95 USD

3. Bath Bombs

Stress relief gifts: Person holding a bath bomb

Few things are more soothing than taking a hot bath at the end of a long, stressful day. Bath Bombs from Rocky Mountain Soap Co. help to make this part of your relaxation routine even better by unleashing rich scents and colorful foam to create a spa-like experience.

Many bath bombs contain essential oils such as lemon or peppermint to soothe your mood and relieve anxiety. Ingredients like cocoa butter provide a powerful moisturizing effect that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

  • $4.95 USD/$5.95 CAD

4. Adult Coloring Book

Stress relief gifts: Adult coloring book

Remember when you were a little kid and could spend hours coloring? Adult coloring books have seen a massive surge in popularity in recent years both as an enjoyable pastime and a great gift that helps a loved one relax.

Coloring has been found to relax the amygdala (the brain's fear center), while also generating mindfulness and peace. It helps you let go of the thoughts and worries of the day so you can relax. It should come as no surprise that there are plenty of adult coloring books available on Amazon. Many themes are akin to flowers, animals, or mandalas, others revolve around hilarious pop-culture themes. It’s also a much friendlier way to relax before bed rather than spending that time in front of a blue light-emitting smartphone screen (which will keep you awake).

  • Adult coloring books on McNally Robinson tend to range from $4.99-$14.99 USD/$5.21-$15.11 CAD.

5. Sound MachineStress relief gifts: Woman asleep in bed

White noise can relieve anxiety and make it easier to calm your mind. It can also block out distracting sounds that cause you stress and keep you awake when you’re trying to sleep.

Because of this, stress relief gifts like the Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan are a popular choice for those who could use some extra help relaxing during the day or falling asleep at night. This particular sound machine offers 20 unique sound settings to sing you to sleep like the perfect lullaby.

  • Pricing starts at just under $50 USD/$110 CAD

6. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Stress relief gifts: Aromatherapy diffuser

Essential oils are plant-extracted compounds that can be stress relievers when used with an oil diffuser. Studies have found that using a lavender oil spray can reduce work-related stress for up to four days. Bergamot essential oil improves positive feelings and the scent of lemongrass oil is believed to reduce symptoms of anxiety. Chamomile and eucalyptus also have calming properties.

The ArtNaturals aromatherapy diffuser starter kit comes with a beautiful natural wood finish diffuser, as well as several popular essential oils to help you get started. It’s a great addition to your home or office, or wherever you happen to need some extra relaxation.

  • Available for around $30 USD/$38 CAD

7. Scalp Massager

Stress relief gifts: Scalp massager

A scalp massager may look kind of funky, but it can be a remarkably effective tool that helps you unwind at the end of a long day — and promote hair growth. Scalp massages actually increase the body’s serotonin production which improves your mood while stimulating blood flow around the hair follicles. This results in stronger, healthier hair.

While many people only look forward to scalp massages when they visit a salon (something that has become far less common during the COVID-19 pandemic), the Briogeo Scalp Massager offers an easy way to give yourself a relaxing massage from home. 

  • $21 CAD from the Detox Market.

8. Stress Ball

Person squeezing a stress ball

Most people aren’t going to bust out a scalp massager or bath bomb at work — but like it or not, that’s where many of us experience most of our stress. In fact, the American Institute of Stress reveals that four-fifths of all people feel stress at work They also mention that 25% of people feel that their job is the “number one stressor in their lives.”

If workplace stress is getting to you, a stress ball could be just what you need. Repeatedly squeezing and letting go of a stress ball helps relieve tension in your muscles, which reduces stress and anxiety. This repeated motion can also boost blood flow to fight arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. You can find a wide variety of stress balls on Amazon
  • Stress ball packs start at $9.99 USD/$12.69 CAD.

9. Eye Pillow

Woman wearing a Hush eye mask

When stress and anxiety make it hard to fall asleep, any little distraction can make your insomnia even worse. With less total sleep, you’ll have a harder time getting to the rejuvenating deep sleep stage. Sound and light are among the most common culprits that contribute to low sleep quality. Blocking out these unwanted distractions is an absolute must.

A Hush Blackout Eyemask is the perfect sleep inducing gift for this dilemma. This eye mask keeps light from reaching your eyes. It’s made with adjustable eyecups to provide a comfortable, custom fit. Complete darkness helps the body produce melatonin so you can fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed — an important part of reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Priced at $39 USD/$49 CAD

10. Acupressure Mat

Acupressure mat

Acupuncture has long been used to release tension from the muscles and help patients feel more relaxed. Of course, for those who have a fear of needles, the very idea of going in for an acupuncture session can cause stress instead of relieving it.

The good news is that ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat lets you enjoy the benefits of acupuncture without the scary needles. The mat instead uses thousands of small plastic needle points. By laying on the mat for 10 to 30 minutes a day, you’ll be able to massage pressure points and release tightened muscles so you can feel calm and relaxed. It’s a great addition to your pre-bedtime routine.

  • Priced at $21.99 USD/$38.99 CAD

11. Meditation App Subscription

Woman meditating on a yoga mat

Meditation is a powerful mindfulness practice, but getting started can be challenging. Meditation apps make it easy to get into this wellness practice by offering guided practices to help you clear your mind, sleep better, wake up, or destress. No matter what you’re feeling or what time of day it is, there’s a routine to help you feel your best.

Headspace is a great meditation app to start with. Not only does it offer a wide range of programs to try out, but you can get started with a free trial. It’s a great way to test the benefits of meditation and learn some meditation basics before going all-in on a paid subscription. It also includes sleeping meditations to help you fall start snoozing faster.

  • Annual plans are $69.99 USD
  • Monthly subscriptions are $12.99 USD/month.

Give Stress Relief Gifts To Help Improve Sleep

Women exchanging gifts

If you’re looking for a stress relief gift for yourself or loved ones, you can’t go wrong with Hush Blankets. Our weighted blankets are specifically designed to ease anxiety and help you fall asleep faster. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or a friend or family member.