How to Wash a Weighted Blanket | Top Tips

So you’ve been reading up on the benefits of weighted blankets, and you’re THIS close to making your first weighted blanket purchase.

There’s just one last thing that you have to figure out -- and that’s how to clean and maintain your weighted blanket.

Here’s what you should know: cleaning a weighted blanket can be an easy and fuss-free process, OR it could be highly time-consuming and laborious. It all depends on what type of weighted blanket you’ve purchased.

Read on to find out more!

How to wash a weighted blanket (Hush Blanket)

If you’re intending to purchase a Hush Blanket, you’ll have it easy when it comes to washing and cleaning your blanket.

Hush weighted blanket

All you need to do is pop off your blanket cover and throw it into the washing machine, and that’s about it!

More specifically, here are the steps:

  1. Open the zipper and remove the inner weight from your blanket.
  2. Untie the hooks, then place the mink cover in the wash.
  3. Add any sort of soft detergent, and wash on cold.

For best results, wash your blanket cover alone -- don’t mix it together with your other laundry. If you throw other clothes in, this creates extra friction in the wash, which in turn causes your blanket cover to wear out more quickly.

To dry your blanket, simply hang it evenly over your laundry line. Don’t use tumble dry -- this will damage your blanket.

As for your inner weighted layer: because this is protected by the mink cover, it doesn’t get dirty easily, but in the event that you DO want to wash it, we recommend hand-washing it gently.

Again, hang it to dry -- avoid using a dryer here.

How to wash a weighted blanket (other brands)

If you want to figure out how to clean a weighted blanket (that’s not a Hush Blanket), go ahead and look at the care instructions provided by the brand or manufacturer.

Note that not ALL weighted blankets can go in the wash or dryer.

If you have a weighted blanket that’s filled with plastic poly pellets, for instance, those pellets might melt in the dryer.

Experience the magic of a weighted blanket for yourself

Now that you know that Hush Blankets are low-maintenance and easy to clean, there’s nothing stopping you from purchasing your first ever weighted blanket!

If you’re still unsure about whether you’ll enjoy using a weighted blanket, don’t worry -- all Hush Blankets come with a 100 Night Guarantee. This means that you can bring our blankets for a test-drive, risk free.

Guy relaxing under a Hush weighted blanket

The 100 Night Guarantee is pretty self-explanatory -- you have 100 nights to try out the blanket, and figure out how you feel about it.

In the unlikely event that the blanket does nothing for you, just ship it back to us and we’ll process a full refund (INCLUSIVE of shipping).

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Hush Blanket today!


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