Cozy Earth vs. Cariloha vs. Luxome - Who Has the Best Bamboo Sheets?

A woman sleeping on her side comfortably in a bed fitted with a Hush Iced Bamboo Cooling Sheets in iced latte color.

You can't go looking for bamboo bedding these days without bumping into ads and articles mentioning Cozy Earth bamboo sheets. Many people were introduced to bamboo fabric for the first time when Oprah featured these sheets on her show. Is Cozy Earth really the gold standard for bamboo sheets, though? Or are they just riding high on celebrity hype?

This post will compare Cozy Earth bamboo sheets to some of their top competitors, reviewing the pros and cons of each. We'll also clear up some of the confusion around the benefits and drawbacks of bamboo sheets.

How do we know what we're talking about? While designing the Hush Iced 2.0 bamboo sheets, we got a little obsessive about checking out the competition. We bought every set of sheets we could get our hands on and tested them until they fell apart at the seams.

In the process, we learned a lot about what goes into the best bamboo sheets. We'll share those lessons below, along with our thoughts on some of the top bamboo bedding brands. Here are the best alternatives to Cozy Earth bamboo sheets.

Hush vs. Cozy Earth

Set of light green Hush Iced Bamboo Cooling bed sheets

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that we think our own bamboo sheets are the best pick for most customers. Here’s how the Hush Iced 2.0 sheets stack up against Cozy Earth bamboo sheets:

Hush Sheets Are Softer

Bamboo viscose fabric is naturally soft. On top of that, both Hush and Cozy Earth sheets use a super-soft sateen weave. But we wanted to go above and beyond with the Hush Iced Sheets and make them the softest bamboo sheets ever.

That's why we run every set through industrial-strength graphite rollers, leaving them unbelievably smooth. Bamboo fibers normally have lots of minuscule hairs poking out after the weaving process, but this roller treatment spins those tiny bits of fuzz tight around the threads. The result is an incredibly soft fabric that feels much gentler on your skin than you’d guess from its thread count of 300.

Cozy Earth Sheets Aren't As Durable

Stack of white fabric rolls

Bamboo viscose sheets are very durable compared to cotton and other common fabrics. That said, the strength of this material varies a lot depending on the quality of the bamboo fibers that go into it.

One of the most important measurements of sheet durability is pilling resistance. No one really talks about pilling resistance because it’s kind of a technical metric (just like mechanics don’t really talk about different kinds of wheel bearings), but it’s a critical measurement of sheet quality. If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty of pilling resistance, check out this peer-reviewed article from the journal Sensors.

Here’s the bottom line: pilling resistance is measured on a 5-point scale, and our sheets are the only bamboo sheets available that score a full 5/5 points. Hush sheets fray and pill less than any other brand of bamboo sheets on the market, including Cozy Earth.

Cozy Earth Is Pricier

Most people expect to pay a premium for well-made bedding, but Cozy Earth is considerably more expensive than most bamboo sheets. Their Queen-size set costs $369, for example. That's a lot of money just to be able to brag that you're sleeping on Oprah's favorite sheets.

For comparison, a Queen-sized set of Hush sheets costs only $169. For $200 less than Cozy Earth, you get high-quality bamboo sheets with superior softness, cooling power, and durability. If that sounds good to you, head over to our product page to learn more!

Cariloha vs. Cozy Earth

Bed with tropical scene behind it and dark blue sheets

The name Cariloha is a combination of "Caribbean" and "Aloha", and the company says its bedding will make you feel like you’re staying at a luxurious beachside resort. That’s a tough claim to judge, but the Cariloha bamboo sheets definitely offer Cozy Earth some strong competition. Here are the most important differences between these brands:

Cariloha Sheets Are Softer

Skin feel is always a little bit subjective, but most people who try both agree that Cariloha bamboo sheets have a softer touch. This is probably due to Cariloha's high thread count - these sheets use 400 threads per square inch, while Cozy Earth uses 300. The difference isn't huge, but the Cariloha offers a slightly silkier feel.

Note that we're talking about the Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheet Set. The company also offers a "Classic" line, but they're thinner, with a looser weave that can’t match Cozy Earth for softness.

Cozy Earth Sheets Are Cooler

Bed with cream-colored sheets

The higher thread count of Cariloha sheets does come with a drawback: reduced breathability. When you pack more threads into the same space, you leave less room for airflow. Hot sleepers will find the Cozy Earth bamboo sheet set more comfortable, thanks to its more lightweight fabric.

As we noted above, Cariloha's Classic sheets are lighter than their Resort line. As a result, they're also noticeably more breathable. However, we'd be cautious about opting for these thinner bamboo sheets, because...

Cariloha Sheets Are Less Durable

When you're comparing two bamboo sheet sets, one of the first things to consider is durability. And Cozy Earth has the clear advantage in this department. Their sheets pill more than the Hush sheets, but noticeably less than Cariloha’s. Quite a few buyers mentioned that their Cariloha sheets were feeling bumpy after just one or two wash cycles, even when they followed the care instructions to the letter.

There were also several reports of threads ripping or popping loose. And one or two people said that their sheets developed holes within months. It's always hard to know whether these reviewers are really treating their bedding with care. However, it’s hard to deny that Cariloha sheets get more complaints about durability.

Cariloha Sheets May Be More Eco-Friendly

Bamboo stalks in a forest

Sustainability is one major advantage bamboo has over other materials for bed sheets. Both Cozy Earth and Cariloha sell organic bamboo sheets, made from crops grown without pesticides. And both are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they contain no harsh chemicals.

However, Cariloha's bamboo is also made to the Global Organic Textile Standard, a more rigorous certification that looks at the entire supply chain. GOTS takes into account things like wastewater safety, working conditions, and labor practices. Cariloha is also Fair Trade certified and uses recycled materials in all of their packaging.

The lack of GOTS certification doesn’t necessarily mean that Hush’s sheets are worse for the environment. A company that’s firmly committed to organic materials and ethical supply chain management - like Hush or Cozy Earth - can still be environmentally responsible without third-party verification. However, the added assurance of GOTS certification is nice if you’re concerned about sustainability.

Cozy Earth Sheets Fit Better

Rumpled navy blue sheet

You can have the most comfortable bamboo bed sheets in the world, but it won't matter if you can't get them on your bed. This is more likely to be an issue with Cariloha sheets - several reviewers mentioned that the fitted sheet pops off of the corners easily. Some also found that their sheets shrank a fair amount in the wash, even when laundered and tumbled on low heat.

These problems rarely come up with Cozy Earth. It helps that their fitted sheet has roomy twenty-inch pockets, meaning they can fit over fairly thick mattresses. You’ll appreciate that if you've switched over to a thick bed-in-a-box mattress without a separate box spring. (If a secure fit is a big concern, you might appreciate the strong elastic anchors at the corners of our Iced bamboo sheets.)

Cozy Earth vs. Cariloha - Which Should You Buy?

Are you choosing between these two brands based on sustainability or pure softness? If so, go with Cariloha's organic bamboo sheets. Just be extra careful about washing them, and dry them on a line when possible. Choose Cozy Earth if you prefer more breathable bamboo sheets or if you're willing to give up a tiny bit of softness for more durability.

Luxome vs. Cozy Earth

Bed draped with copper-colored sheets

Luxome is another contender for the best bamboo sheets. They're not as well-known as Cozy Earth, but they have some important advantages. Here's how the two brands stack up:

Luxome Sheets Are Less Expensive

Though the brand name emphasizes luxury, these sheets are the most affordable out of all the brands we're looking at. A Queen-size sheet set from Luxome costs less than half of what you'd pay at Cozy Earth - $150 before tax and shipping.

On the other hand, Cozy Earth offers a much better return and exchange policy. Like Hush, and many other companies selling bamboo sheets, they give you 100 nights to try their sheets and return them if you're not happy. You only get 30 days with Luxome.

We did have one other nitpick with Luxome's pricing. All of their sets include one flat sheet and one fitted sheet, but for some reason, their twin-size package only includes one pillowcase. If you want two pillowcases, you have to get a separate set for $45 more.

Cozy Earth Is More Eco-Friendly

We mentioned that Cozy Earth's promises about their supply chain are a little vague. Unfortunately, Luxome is even less clear about its ethical and environmental standards. The company talks about the eco-friendliness of bamboo, but they don’t actually mention how they grow or process their own material. Pro tip: if a company doesn't say whether their bamboo sheets are organic, they usually aren’t.

On the plus side, Luxome's products are OEKO-TEX certified, so you can be confident that they're free of harmful chemicals.

Luxome Is More Colorful

Woman in bed holding pillow

Cozy Earth have adopted a fairly muted color palette for their bamboo sheets. There are 6 different options, but most are shades of white, off-white, or grey. They look good, but many customers crave a little more variety.

If you want your sheets to have a little more visual pop, the Luxome Luxury Sheet Set is a better choice. It's available in 9 different colors, including some vivid shades like sky blue. These deeper colors pair well with the shimmery sateen weave, which gives the sheets an almost metallic gleam.

Cozy Earth Sheets Wrinkle Less

Sadly, the beauty of Luxome sheets is downgraded a bit by their tendency to wrinkle. They get heavily creased in the wash, which detracts a bit from the crisp look of a just-made bed. The only reliable way to prevent this is to put your Luxome sheets on your bed right after taking them out of the dryer.

Not everyone will be bothered by this issue - some only care about how their sheets feel, not how they look. But if you want bamboo sheets that will stay relatively wrinkle-free, shop with Cozy Earth or Hush instead.

Luxome Sheets Feel Smoother

Close-up of rumpled peach-colored fabric

Luxome likes to brag that no other bamboo sheets can top their thread count of 400. As far as we can tell, that’s true (although Cariloha does match them). There are some "bamboo sheets" out there with a higher thread count, but they're not pure bamboo - they contain other fabrics blended with bamboo viscose.

As a result of this high-end thread count, Luxome's sheets are smoother and silkier than those from Cozy Earth. It's worth noting that some reviewers found them a little too smooth, almost slippery. That slick texture sometimes makes the fitted sheet slide free of the mattress, which is a bit annoying.

Cozy Earth Sheets Trap Less Heat

We mentioned this above, but with bamboo sheets, thread count isn't everything. When you go higher than 300, you get a less breathable bamboo sheet. The dense fibers inhibit airflow and make the bedding heavier.

So both Cariloha and Luxome feel hotter at night due to their high thread count. Cozy Earth is a better option if you struggle to sleep when you're too warm. And if you want maximum coolness, we recommend the Hush Iced sheets.

Cozy Earth vs. Luxome - Which Should You Buy?

If you want a buttery-smooth bamboo sheet or a wider range of color options, the Luxome Luxury Sheet Set is a better match for you. It also has some obvious appeal for budget-minded shoppers. Get the Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set if you like your bedding cool and wrinkle-free, or if you prefer a slightly crisper feel.

Bamboo Sheets FAQ

Green fitted sheet draping over a mattress

Most people aren't as familiar with bamboo bed sheets as they are with polyester, linen, or cotton sheets. We'll go over a few common questions about bamboo sheets to help you choose your new sheets with confidence.

How Can You Make Sheets From Bamboo?

The woody stalks of bamboo don't sound like something you'd want to snuggle under at night. Thankfully, bamboo sheets aren't made of pure wood. Most are either bamboo viscose (AKA bamboo rayon) or bamboo lyocell. These fabrics are created by extracting bamboo fiber from wood pulp and spinning it into soft, lightweight threads.

Are Bamboo Sheets Eco-Friendly?

It's understandable to be skeptical of corporate claims about sustainability. But bamboo sheets have some real environmental benefits compared with bedding made from other fabrics.

First of all, bamboo requires far less water to grow than cotton, and can be grown completely pesticide-free. The stalks can also be harvested while leaving the roots in place as a buffer against erosion. Once cut, they grow back rapidly without any need for reseeding, absorbing lots of carbon dioxide in the process.

Some bamboo fabrics are less eco-friendly than others, though. Just because you can grow bamboo organically doesn't mean everyone does. And the viscose manufacturing process uses chemicals that can be dangerous if suppliers don't dispose of them responsibly. Always look for organic bamboo sheets that use ethically sourced fabric.

Bamboo forest

Is Bamboo Fabric Durable?

The strength of bamboo textiles depends a lot on seemingly small details of the production process. Some are much sturdier than cotton, while others quickly get threadbare or covered in tiny clumps of fabric.

Most sellers insist that their bamboo sheets don't rip or pill. But those claims don't always hold up in the real world. Before buying bamboo sheets, you should do a little digging to find out what customers are saying. Or just choose the Hush Iced sheets, which received the highest possible rating for pilling resistance from independent testers!

Can You Machine Wash Bamboo Sheets?

Though well-made bamboo sheets can be stronger than cotton sheets, you do have to take proper care of them if you want them to last. It's usually okay to wash bamboo sheets in a laundry machine, but you should use a gentle cycle and a mild detergent. Keep the heat low for both washing and drying. It's also best to avoid fabric softeners or bleach, which can damage the fibers or leave unwanted residues.

Of course, you should check the care instructions that come with your sheets. Everything we've said above is good general advice, but the manufacturers know best what their sheets can handle.

Recap: Value-Conscious Alternatives to Cozy Earth

Bed with Hush Iced dark grey sheets and pillow

Before we go, let’s review the sheets we looked at above. Luxome is good if you're after the lowest price, and their sheets have a soft, smooth texture that feels very luxurious. Cariloha sheets are great for those who value sustainability and environmental transparency, and they're also quite soft to the touch. Cozy Earth beats both brands when it comes to longevity and cooling power.

But we think the best bamboo sheets overall are the Hush Iced 2.0. They’re almost as affordable as the Luxome sheets and more durable than Cozy Earth. And thanks to our distinctive Iced finish, they’re softer and cooler to the touch than all three competing brands. Find our bamboo sheet set here and start your risk-free 100-night trial today!