Are Weighted Blankets Safe to Use?

Weighted blankets have been around for a long time, but recently they have gained in popularity as more and more people begin to recognize the benefits that can be gained from using one. Weighted blankets offer deep touch pressure which closely simulates being hugged when wrapped around your body. Studies have shown time and time again that the simple sensation of being hugged can have a positive impact on one's emotional state after experiencing a negative event or conflict [1].

It is no wonder weighted blankets have shown to lower anxiety through direct implementation of deep pressure stimulation [2]. It helps remove anxious thoughts by forcing you to concentrate and re-direct your focus on the physical sensation that you are experiencing. However, you might be wondering whether or not weighted blankets are safe?. Below, we will discuss why they are safe and why you should consider using one yourself.

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Are Weighted Blankets Safe For Adults?

Yes, absolutely. There has been no evidence suggesting that weighted blankets are anything but safe [2]. Likewise, they have been used for a very long time by occupational therapists to calm children that suffer from autism. We recommend you purchase and use a weighted blanket that is equal to 7% to 12% of your total body weight. As long as you purchase a weighted blanket that falls within these guidelines, it should be perfectly safe to use on a nightly basis.

In fact, a study of 32 adults showed that the use of a 30 pound weighted blanket in a lying down position was perfectly safe and that it did not cause any issues with vital sign metrics [3]. Therefore, it can be argued that the 7 to 12% guidelines are actually relatively conservative for the average adult. If you are someone who is looking to benefit from using a weighted blanket yourself, the Hush Classic is the best on the market. It comes with its own duvet cover so you can keep it clean. However, if you are a 'hot sleeper' you might want to go for the Hush Iced as it is fully designed with a cooling cover to ensure your body temperature remains regulated throughout the night to achieve optimal sleep.

The suggested bedroom temperature sits around 60 to 67 degrees and your body temperature decreases to initiate sleep. Having the Hush Iced proprietary blend of sweat-wicking bamboo and ultra-soft cotton can help your body temperature drop while maintaining proper deep pressure stimulation to make it easier than ever to fall and stay asleep.

Are Weighted Blankets Safe For Kids?

Yes, there is no evidence that suggests weighted blankets are any less safe for kids than adults. Keep in mind, weighted blankets are only recommended for older kids as younger kids still have the same increased risk of accidental suffocation as they do while swaddled. Therefore, it is only recommended for older kids as they will not be prone to the same risk factors as younger children.

For older kids, the same weight recommendation holds true as adults. In general, you want to stick with a blanket that is 7% to 12% of their total body weight. This will ensure that they are able to remain as comfortable as possible throughout the night while giving them all of the benefits that a weighted blanket can offer. If you are interested in giving your kids the chance to benefit from a weighted blanket, the Hush Kids weighted blanket comes in at 5 pounds and it is designed for children that weigh anywhere from 20 to 70 pounds.

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Are Weighted Blankets Safe During Pregnancy?

A lot of pregnant women suffer from sleep issues during various stages of pregnancy. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a 1998 poll showed that as much as 78% of women reported an increased level of disturbed sleep during pregnancy than they faced while not pregnant [4]. This is a major issue considering how important sleep can be during pregnancy.

After all, there is a lot of evidence that points to an increased risk of pregnancy complications when women do not get sufficient sleep during pregnancy [4]. This makes sense considering you are "sleeping for two." Some of the biggest things that can negatively impact your ability to sleep while pregnant is incessant worrying and increased stress levels. This can be caused by hormone fluctuation and a range of other things.

A weighted blanket can prove to help reduce stress and anxiety and re-direct worrying through deep pressure stimulation. Because of this, it can have a direct and positive impact on a pregnant woman's ability to sleep. When sticking with the same general recommendation of keeping the weighted blanket at 7% to 12% of your total body weight, it shouldn't be unsafe.

However, due to various complications that could present itself during pregnancy, it is important to discuss the use of a weighted blanket with a medical professional. That way, they can tell you whether or not it would be completely safe to use during pregnancy.

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Final Thoughts - Weighted Blanket Safety

As you can see, weighted blankets offer a lot of unique benefits that just about everyone in every stage of life could benefit from. As long as you stick to using the weighted blanket at manufacturer recommended weights and as long as you keep weighted blankets away from younger children, they can offer dramatic improvements to your life by helping you achieve a better night's sleep.

The Institute of Medicine estimates that anywhere from 50 to 70 million adults in the United States have chronic sleeping disorders and the CDC found that 35% of people reported less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep per night [5]. Not getting enough quality sleep each and every night can limit productivity and take a toll on your overall health. By adding a weighted blanket to the equation, you can give yourself a better chance to eliminate sleep disturbances throughout the night and help yourself fall asleep much faster [6].

If you want to begin to experience the many benefits of using a weighted blanket at night, Hush Blankets offers the highest quality and most comfortable weighted blankets on the market!









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