Are Weighted Blankets Hot? The Truth Revealed!


So you've heard all about the sleep benefits you can get from using a weighted blanket. Your next question might be whether a weighted blanket will cause you to be uncomfortably hot at night. After all, studies show that our bodies cool off at night time in order to signal to our brain that it is time to go to sleep. There are various types of insomnia symptoms that have been directly associated with abnormalities of the body temperature rhythm [1]. Likewise, studies have shown that the core body temperature mesor of insomniacs was significantly higher than that of good sleepers [2]. Because of this, you want to ensure that you aren't causing yourself to overheat at night. Not only will it be much more difficult to fall asleep, but it might even cause you to wake up and continue to be restless throughout the night.  

Now that we have gone over some of the reasons you want to keep your body temperature at a comfortable level prior to going to sleep and during sleep, we will address the concern that a weighted blanket might make you sleep too hot.

Are Weighted Blankets Hot to Sleep Under? 

Despite weighted blankets being heavier, they are by no means inherently hotter than your average blanket. Ultimately, the fabric used to cover your weighted blanket will play the biggest role in determining whether or not the blanket creates and traps too much heat. Likewise, the quality of the material and the filler can also play a role. Unfortunately, a lot of the blankets on the market do utilize rather hot fabrics and poor quality materials which you will want to avoid if you are a naturally hot sleeper.

What Can Cause Your Weighted Blanket To Sleep Too Hot? 

  1. Fabric

As mentioned, the number one factor that can contribute to a hot blanket is the outer fabric. The key thing to look for when trying to find the ideal fabric is whether or not the fabric is breathable. Because of this, you want to identify a blanket that utilizes a comfortable yet breathable material. Typically, this means sticking to natural materials and avoiding synthetic materials.

  1. Filler

The filler material can also dictate how hot the blanket is. However, it will also dictate the comfort level you experience while using it. Perhaps the best filler material is glass sand which is even smaller than micro glass beads which allow for much more even weight distribution which can help to make using the blanket a lot more comfortable. This is exactly what you will find in all of the models being sold here at Hush Blankets.

Weighted Blanket Materials To Avoid: 

For instance, as someone who sleeps hot naturally, you will want to avoid anything with a polyester base fabric at all costs. Not only is it a water-resistant fabric, but it isn't breathable. Therefore, the fabric will retain heat at an uncomfortable level which can cause your body to overheat at night. 

Weighted Blanket Materials To Look For:

Instead, you should be looking to find moisture-wicking and naturally breathable materials like microfiber, bamboo, and cotton such as the one found in the Hush Iced cooling weighted blanket for hot sleepers. Each of these materials will not only keep you comfortable throughout the night, but they are breathable which can allow for proper temperature regulation throughout the night. Also, the moisture-wicking properties of the bamboo can help keep the sleeper cool and comfortable. 

Maintaining A Cool Temperature Throughout The Night:

Ideally, you want to keep your bedroom anywhere from 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep [3]. You can turn on your air conditioning to achieve this range. With the proper ambient temperature, a blanket that is made up of breathable fabric is not going to cause you to sleep too hot. 

Are Weighted Blankets Too Hot For Kids?:

If you’re purchasing a weighted blanket for your child, you might be concerned that said blanket might be too hot for them to handle.

Again, one easy fix is to purchase a weighted blanket that comes with a removable cover.

If you want to err on the side of caution, you can start off by getting your child to sleep under just the inner weighted blanket first, before graduating to sleeping with the entire blanket (covers and all).

You’ll also want to purchase a weighted blanket that’s made specifically for kids in mind, instead of getting an adult-sized weighted blanket, or simply letting your child use your weighted blanket.

For instance, Hush Blankets offers a Children’s Weighted Blanket that’s 36x48 inches and perfect for children between 40 to 70 pounds.

Why The Hush Iced Cooling Weighted Blanket?: 

Pretty much every other weighted blanket manufacturer sells the blanket without the cover or they tell the user to take off the cover if they get too hot. That simply isn't the right solution and we decided to do something about it. Hush utilizes a proprietary blend of moisture-wicking bamboo and ultra-soft cotton. Meaning, as a weighted blanket user, you no longer have to sacrifice comfortably using your blanket to sleep cooler. You even have the option to remove the outer cooling layer if you need to for greater versatility.

Should Worries About Heat Halt Your Purchase?:

Absolutely not. As you can tell, the Hush Iced should eliminate all concerns about a weighted blanket causing you to be too hot even during the summer. By pairing a weighted blanket with the right filler and with a high-quality, soft, and breathable moisture-wicking fabric, the Hush Iced is capable of delivering on all fronts. The Hush Iced is allowing hot sleepers everywhere to continue to experience the many benefits of using a weighted blanket without being forced to sleep uncomfortably hot. Get one today here! 






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