Lockdown Special: How to Celebrate Valentines Day At Home

It’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day (along with everything else) will look a lot different this year than what we imagined. 

February 14th is known as the holiday when we celebrate love. And although yes, love is something that should be celebrated and expressed everyday, Valentine’s Day drives people to go that extra mile. The day is traditionally filled with romantic gestures and special events that we wouldn’t normally see on a day-to-day basis. We’re accustomed to seeing dozens of roses, rich Belgian chocolate, heart-shaped everything and a whole lot of red, pink, and white. If you’re lucky, maybe a diamond or two. In other words, the pressure is real.

However, in the midst of a global pandemic, we won’t be calling to make reservations at high-end restaurants or making last-minute trips to find the perfect gift at the mall. But despite all the things you can’t do, there are so many more intimate date ideas you can do. Oftentimes, the true meaning of this holiday is overlooked by its materialistic and superficial customs. Here are some date ideas that can take place in the safety of your own home, and (bonus point) they’re affordable!

So here it is... What does Valentine’s Day look like in 2021?

1. Paint and Sip Night

It’s time to get your Picasso on.

Grab your paintbrush with a glass of wine and get in touch with your artistic side. Whether you’re following a demo on Youtube or going based off of your own creativity, painting is definitely a way to de-stress and spend some quiet time with your partner - of course, sipping on some wine if you will. Want to take it up a notch? Go pick up some of your favourite deli meats and cheeses ahead of time to set up a fine charcuterie board that you can pair with your wine.

2. Netflix & Chill

I know, we’ve all heard of this one before - many would argue that this would be a not-so-romantic “date”.

But movies are a great way to get cozy with your loved one and munch on some of your favourite snacks. After all, you can get creative with it! If you want to replicate the movie theatre experience, you can even set up your very own concession stand (and it won’t be overpriced) - lay out a variety of chocolate, candy, chips, and of course, popcorn to enjoy. Whether you decide to build a snuggly fort filled with blankets and pillows or get the big screen ready for that cinematic effect, a movie is a simple yet classic way to spend your evening. Speaking of blankets, did you know that weighted blankets are scientifically proven to induce 'oxytocin' production, also known as the 'love' hormone? If that’s what you’re looking for, Hush has got you covered.

3. Take-out? No, make-it!

A notable part of the annual Valentine’s Day festivities would be struggling to squeeze in that last-minute reservation at the restaurant you and your partner wanted to try. 

Well, that’s certainly not a worry this year. Instead, look up a recipe that you and your partner would enjoy and make it yourselves! Cooking at home is definitely a healthier alternative to ordering in and it’s a great way to work together. Put some background music on, grab your aprons, and get ready to make Gordon Ramsay proud. (Hint: Putting on a Youtube demo helps.)

4. Treat Yourself

To say that the lockdown has been a mentally and emotionally challenging time is an understatement. Due to this, it’s safe to say that most of us haven’t had much time to focus on self-care.

Well on Valentine’s Day, you can do just that. Whether you want to prepare something specifically for your partner or you want to prepare something for the both of you, you can treat yourselves to a spa day right at home. Get a warm bath going (pop in a bath bomb or some bubbles if you’d like), grab some essential oils or soothing lotion for a relaxing massage, and prep for a facial using a hot towel, exfoliants, cleansers, and some face masks. Lastly, spark an aromatic candle.

5. Why do-it-yourself when you can do-it-with-two?

It’s definitely been a while since we’ve all sat down for some arts & crafts.

This year, you and your partner can spend February 14th creating something memorable for the both of you. You can create a collage or a scrapbook of some of your favourite memories together and decorate it however you please. Besides, there’s nothing that captures your most memorable moments than a picture itself. As you bring out the inner child in you, you and your partner can reflect and think back on some of your relationship’s most noteworthy times.

6. Truth or Drink

You might have been with your partner for years now. You could’ve just started dating. Maybe you’re even celebrating this special day with a friend. Whatever the case, it’s guaranteed that there’s some tea to spill.

You can go online to search up some steamy questions to ask your partner, or you can create some of your own. This is your chance to ask your partner the questions that you might have always been curious about, or something you genuinely don’t know about them. During the game (hopefully it doesn’t feel like an interrogation), if you’re asked a question that you don’t want to answer, the other option is simple - take a shot. Who knows what you’ll find out?

You may have had different expectations for Valentine’s Day, but spending quality time with your partner is inarguably, the most valuable present of all. We have to admit, though the annual traditions are fun and charming, we can’t deny that the real purpose of the celebration becomes clouded with tangible things. We get caught up and forget about what truly matters. If there’s one thing about being at home, it gives you the opportunity to sit down, take a break, and reflect on what you cherish the most. 

We at Hush are wishing you a lovely and safe Valentine’s Day this year! Remember to stay at home, wash your hands, and don’t forget to tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them.