Cyber Monday Deal 1

Buy a Blanket, Get a Free Pillow

Save $119!

Save Up To $600 This Black Friday!

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Cyber Monday Deal 2

Buy 2 Blankets, Get 2 Free Pillows & $40 Off (Save $270)

Cyber Monday Deal 3

Buy a Mattress, Get $230 OFF and 2 FREE Pillows

Black Friday Deal 1

Buy a Blanket, Get a Free Pillow (Save $119)

Black Friday Deal 2

Buy 2 Blankets, Get 2 Free Pillows & $40 Off (Save $270)

Black Friday Deal 3

Buy a Mattress, Get 2 Free Pillows & $230 OFF (Save $470)

All Over Canada & US

Within 100 nights

Money-back guarantee

Got Questions?

Are you going to launch better deals on Black Friday?

Nope, this is it. The deal you've been waiting for all year!

What if you do launch a better deal later on?

If you do catch us launching a better deal (which won't happen), just reach out to and our Customer Service Team will make all necessary adjustments to make sure you get the best deal!

Does the 100 night guarantee apply to all products featured in the deals?

Yes! The mattress, blankets, and pillows - all are covered by our 100 night money back guarantee, so you don't have to make a rushed decision before 'sleeping on it'.

Why are you launching your Black Friday deals so early?

Let's be honest, Black Friday shopping can get really stressful. You have your eyes on a list of must-have products that you HAVE TO grab before anyone else does. We literally exist to help you and everyone else bring down their stress levels, so this year we want to make sure you can at least grab your favourite Hush products without having to deal with the typical Black Friday stress.

In fact, you can wrap your stress-reducing Hush blanket around you while you shop for everything else on Black Friday ;) Happy shopping!